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Fake IP, the best software to change IP, surf anonymously

One of the ways to access blocked websites such as accessing blocked Facebook is fake IP , or change IP. This IP hiding will help for better anonymous surfing. In particular, in case the web is blocked and cannot be accessed, we can use software to bypass the firewall, hide IP, fake IP to easily access those websites.

The following article will summarize the best software to change IP, fake IP, access the web anonymously today.

1. Fake IP with Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is the famous software and ranks first in the list of the best hidden IP software today. When installing Hotspot Shield, the software will help you hide your IP when accessing the Internet, secure personal information on the Internet, hide the real IP address of your email account, especially access blocked websites such as Facebook, Youtube, .... This will help users to access any website without fear of revealing personal information.

In particular, Hotspot Shield has the feature of protecting the computer from the threats of hacker attacks, protecting the computer to the maximum extent.

2. Ultrasurf to access the blocked website

Ultrasurf is one of the software that many users choose to use to access blocked websites, especially Facebook. The software is safe to use, has the ability to bypass the firewall, with the source encoder to change Proxy as well as help you create fake IP addresses. Ultrasurf supports HTTPS and HTTP protocols, helping to secure the upload and download data.

Thus, the user's personal and private information will be kept safe and secure when accessing the Internet.

3. Software Fake IP Freegate

Basically, Freegate will also change IP automatically, hide real IP for security and create fake IP. In addition, the software also bypasses the firewall to be able to access any website. Proxy transition will take place automatically, quickly, clear browsing history and support HTTP, HTTPS, ...

4. DNS Jumper hide IP

This is a tool that can change DNS names, domain names to be able to access blocked websites. You will get a list of free DNS, popular domain name system in the world such as Google DNS, Open DNS, Ultra DNS or DNS Advantage ... The mechanism of that software is automatically connected to the machine. calculated every time you start the system.

5. VPN Gate fake IP

VPN software allows users to join a private network as if using a local computer on the network. Among them are VPN Gate software that sets up hidden IP, and fake IP addresses from Vietnam to other countries. Internet access speed will always be stable, avoiding slow connection or unable to connect. Read how to use VPN Gate to change the IP address in the articleHow to use VPN Gate fake IP to stabilize the Internet.

6. SafeIP IP hidden tool

The mission of SafeIP is to hide the real IP address when accessing the Internet with fake IPs. As such, the user's personal and private information will not be disclosed. When using SafeIP, your computer will be blocked from advertising and malicious code. The software will notify users when detecting dangers such as malicious websites, blocking cookies from tracking users, protecting WiFi connections.

7. Mask Surf Pro surf the web safely

If your computer frequently has a blocked number of pages such as Facebook, Youtube, Twiiter, ... then Mask Surf Pro will hide the IP address and change to a fake IP to be able to access those pages. . In addition, the software is also capable of protecting personal information, blocking ISPs from eavesdropping, blocking spam, ...

8. Platinum Hide IP hides IP addresses

Platinum Hide IP will hide IP to secure private IP address when accessing Internet address. In addition, the software also helps to access many blocked websites, remove websites that want to intrude on the computer and steal user information.

9. Free Hide IP software

Like the above software, Free Hide IP will create fake IP address to protect real IP address for users. As such, it will limit IP theft, protect the computer from hacker attacks. The software will display the IP addresses of different countries on the interface for you to check.

10. Real Hide IP tool to change IP

  • http://www.real-hide-ip.com/

Real Hide IP will access blocked websites by changing IP address to another country. In addition, the privacy protection feature of users is also guaranteed, switching between real IP and fake IP quickly. Real Hide IP can be installed on many different operating systems Firefox, Google, IE ...

Above are the software to change IP, hide real IP and create fake IP to protect personal information, as well as assist access and blocked websites. These softwares will all create layers of security for the computer, prevent malicious websites, steal information or attack hackers from the computer.

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