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8 ways to download videos on Youtube quickly and simply

Are you struggling to find a way to download Youtube videos to your phone or computer? Are you trying to download YouTube videos to your computer or phone as quickly as possible? Network Admin will introduce to you 8 best and fastest ways to download videos, music movies on YouTube ...

If you are among those who are still wondering or don't know how to download videos from the biggest video sharing site today, this article will be very helpful to you. Network Admin will introduce to you 8 ways to download YouTube videos as quickly and conveniently as possible.


  • Be careful when using the tools to download YouTube videos that contain advertisements, and absolutely should not install software recommended by these sites.

Download YouTube videos to your computer

1. YT1s download YouTube videos

  • https://yt1s.com/en

We access the link above and then paste the YouTube video you want to download to your computer and click the Convert button.

You will then see options to download mp4 videos of various qualities. Click the quality of the video you want to download, then click the Get link button . Finally, click Download to download the video.

2. How to download 4K YouTube videos, download 4K videos

Currently, YouTube has support 4K resolution for some videos so that users can watch on TV in the sharpest possible way. And we can also download YouTube 4K videos to watch on TV, especially on 4K UHD TVs with 1440p (2K quality), 2160p (4K) options. However, you should pay attention, because Windows does not support 4K video viewing, so if we want to open 4K video, we need to install a special 4K video player software such as VLC or 5Kplayer .

2.1. Videoder downloads 4K videos from YouTube


After you download and install the software from the link above, at the interface of the software you enter keywords to download 4K video, or paste the video URL directly into the interface. Then the YouTube link is checked by the software and shows the Download button for you to download video.

We'll wait for the software to recognize the video link and you'll see that there are options to download mp3 from YouTube videos and video download resolutions, including 4K. Click 4K to download.

Now, click the Downloads section on the left side of the screen to see the video download progress. When finished click Show in Explorer to see the folder where the video is saved.

Finally you open the video to watch is finished.

2.2. 4K Video Downloader


You install the software according to the link above, then click copy at the 4K YouTube video URL and then in the software's interface click the Paste link icon to get the link from the Clipboard.

Display the video download resolution , select 4K and then click Download to download.

Display the interface for us to download 4K YouTube videos, press Force to proceed to download and watch.

2.3. Download 4K YouTube videos online

2.3.1. ddownr.com

You visit the website above and paste the URL of the 4K video you want to download. Now click on the arrow icon and select the 4K resolution to download.

The process of creating a 4K video download link was immediately followed. At the end of the download process, click Download and then select Copy link and paste to a new tab to download the video.

2.3.2. youtube4kdownloader.com

At the website interface we also paste the URL of the video we want to download. Then you wait for the website to check and get the link to download the video. As a result you will see a list of video resolutions to download, including 2k, 4k. Click the Download button to download the video.

3. Download YouTube videos with SaveFrom

Fast download speed, not often download HD video.

To download videos on Youtube, we can also do it by replacing ss in the URL link of the Youtube video. Specifically, replace the word "www." equals "ss" on the video's ULR .

For example, I have a video link on Youtube which is:

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiForhv5maA

Next to download Youtube video, we will replace www. equals ss. Thus the new link will be:

  • https://ssyoutube.com/watch?v=uiForhv5maA

Finally, choose the format of the Youtube video you want to download is finished.

You can access the website SaveFrom via the address savefrom.net you will see a box to enter the URL:

Enter the URL of the video in box (1), press the button (2) - the green button for the system to "capture" the file, then display the download link . As shown in the image below, you can see a lot of video formats, respectively. The remaining task is quite simple, click to download or copy the link and paste it into Internet Download Manager :

How to download this YouTube video is very good, especially in cases where the video is too long (over 2 hours), or the videos that you cannot download using Coc Coc or IDM (due to YouTube's algorithm changes) Remember to use this ssyoutube trick.

4. Download YouTube videos using Coc Coc browser

  • Link to download the latest Coc Coc for Windows

If you think about downloading YouTube videos without losing Coc Coc browser , it is really a big mistake. Although it was only a few years ago, Coc Coc free browser has quickly won the hearts of users, based on the diverse system of Internet browsing software based on this Chronium platform. All you need to do is download and install Coc Coc, open YouTube video and press the Download button at the main interface:

Select the appropriate Video file format, and press the Download button to start downloading YouTube videos.

5. Download Youtube video with Internet Download Manager - IDM software

First, you need to have Internet Download Manager available on your computer. If not, you can Download IDM latest version here.

This # 1 video download accelerator can speed up file upload many times and has a built-in feature that allows users to download videos from multiple video sharing websites, and YouTube is a very typical example.

After installing IDM , a small pop-up window saying " Download This Video " will show up on the website with the video being played on it. This program will automatically track the live video link being played and save them. It then waits when the user clicks on the above pop-up window it will begin to accelerate the download. The rest of us is very simple, click on this IDM icon to download YouTube videos to your computer!

The methods below are the method to download YouTube videos online without using IDM - Internet Download Manager supports, and of course completely free!

6. 1-Click YouTube Video Download (add-on on Firefox)

1-Click YouTube Download is a very easy-to-use, open source Firefox add-on. This add-on allows users to download all kinds of videos from Youtube with just one click:

This add-on will add a small link in YouTube to download videos and music in 3GP, MP4 HD (High Definition), high quality MP4 and FLV . This is one of the simplest and lightest tools to help you download YouTube videos. The limitation of this add-on is that it does not show the video download progress, so if you do not pay attention, it will be quite inconvenient while watching.

7. Download YouTube videos with YTD Video Downloader

A very supportive and noteworthy app that's capable of doing quite well with the basic interface. This program has 2 main features: download video files from Youtube, and convert them to other popular formats. All we need to do is copy the url of the YouTube video to download, paste it in the Enter the URL box ... and press the Download button to download the YouTube Video:

One more click and the program will automatically convert your file to the converter. The program's converter has support for iPhone, iPod, PSP, mobile phones, AVI, MP3, WMV, and Xvid . In addition, it is surprising that this program also has a basic video editor or the user can also trim the audio part when converting.

8. Download YouTube videos, convert videos to mp3 on SaveTheVideo

SaveTheVideo supports downloading videos with 15 websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. After that, users can convert video to audio file if required. Video uploaded to SaveTheVideo can cut the video to convert to another format.

Step 1:

Click the link below to access the main SaveTheVideo page.

  • https://www.savethevideo.com/

Step 2:

Then you paste the video link and choose the purpose of use. If you want to download videos click Download video.

Switching to the new interface will see the Download video button with mp4 format for the user to click and download the video to the computer.

Or if you scroll down to the section Download other formats for this video , you will see more quality and frames for the video, or even sound. Also click the Download button to download. When clicking Show more formats, there will be links to download other formats for the video.

Step 3:

If you want to convert the video to mp3 file, click Convert to MP3. Then select the output format for the audio file in Format and click the Quality box to choose the quality (the highest is 320 kbps). Finally click Convert to MP3 to convert.

Step 4:

To convert another video format and trim the video, click Convert and cut video . Then check Cut media file and choose the time period to convert the video. You can also choose another format for the video, maybe flv, avi or even mp3. Click Convert to Mp4 to convert.

9. Download Youtube video on y2mate

y2mate supports users to download YouTube videos in many different video quality for us to choose from. In addition the site also allows downloading mp3 from YouTube videos with a quick way.

Step 1:

Visit the link below to download videos on YouTube.

  • https://www.y2mate.com

Paste the YouTube video URL and hit the Start button right next to it.

Step 2:

Then y2mate will display the list results with different quality, or different formats for you to download YouTube videos to your computer.

Soucres: quantrimang.com

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