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COVID-19 detection through a device

We all know about the technological advancement in the world. People are using their innovative minds to bring out excellent devices to work out their tasks. Since the pandemic has spread globally, scientists are researching for vaccines and other ways to cure the deadly disease. The spread of coronavirus is unstoppable, and it is fast too. People are trying to set some safety precautions to avoid the spread and use some devices to detect the disease to keep them safe and the people around them. The doctors are performing coronavirus tests to ensure the people who are catching the disease.

COVID-19 test procedure

In the coronavirus test, the doctors use a device that detects a protein segment of the coronavirus. These tests are essential and useful for recognizing a person who is about to catch the virus already has it inside their system. The virus multiplies and leaves its copy by placing a genetic substance in our cells. If you are taking the test when the virus is in replication, then the antigen testing will not detect the protein because the virus was in the process, so there was not sufficient protein to appear in the test.

The antigen test or the rapid test is not very expensive, and it has a faster procedure. But a cheap test can have some things missing, and that is it is not very accurate.


In 2020 we had seen a lot of change and came to know about many new trends and inventions that are here to make our lives easier and safer. We came to know about many new terms like quarantine and coronavirus or COVID-19 and some new rules to apply to stay safe. The temperature checks are now commonplace to visit to ensure the virus spread and masks are like the accessories we always carry outside. With new inventions around, a company in Canada is introducing a new device. They are giving the information about the device that it can detect the virus in the air. You can place the machine indoors and put it on the wall, and it will start doing its work. It sends an alert as soon as it detects the coronavirus in the air. The company is designing this device for the hospitals, the long-term facility centers, mass-transit, and schools, for keeping them virus free from every aspect.

Canada's company called BioCloud's parent company, the Kontrol Energy Corporation, states that the new technology is a complete game-changing device that can fight against the coronavirus. The company says that its heart is the detection device, and they call it Virus Capture System. The device collects a sample from the air inside a viral collider that is non-invasive restrictive with inertial impact. The Kontrol Company says that it is a device that uses a mixture of three different capturing methods, which enables it to be intact the samples of the virus in the air. There is no requirement for any blood tests with this device, meeting with medical employees, or swabs. The device can monitor and indicate the presence of the virus in the air in continuous working.

The company tells us that the virus's spread or transmission is 90 to 92 percent in the air. The BioCloud is the device that can work effectively to detect even the smallest air-born particle of the virus as technology is helping in almost every task. It makes our work faster and easier, for coping up with the result that takes more time when we do it without any use of the technology. There was a need for a device like the BioCloud device, and it is here now. It provides excellent working and functions to keep us safe and stay aware of any harm that can create an issue for the public area. The schools and the other working places have to reopen but with safety precautions because compromising health can cost us heavy damage. And now all offline, online and nursing essay UK services are working in full pace with full safety to serve people.

The device is making doctors' jobs easier now, and only the technology is capable of doing such remarkable functions in a short time. The device has units, and each of them costs $12,000. The units have detection chambers in them, and you can dispose them safely as well, and you can replace them as soon as it exposes the virus from the air. The device designers are happy to tell us that we cannot detect the virus and evaluate the HVAC schemes' potency through the air sample quality instantly and make do it continuously. The makers believe that this device will measure various bacteria, fungi, viruses, and the coronavirus. It will make the decisions easier for the schools and other public places to reopen them. As they will have the air clean up device and the people will remain safe from the virus spread. The hospitals, schools, and offices will be free of any danger of the disease. People will feel free to go out and start an everyday life again.

The advantages and features of BioCloud

·       It contains 200 watts of power and 80-264 VAC.

·       It has the certification by ESAFE to CSA standard SPE-1000 and the accreditation to UL standards.

·       It Has certification 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac to connect it for notification purposes

·       You can set it to lower detection for live SARS-CoV – 2 to 0.005ng level for the indoor purpose only with the temperature range of 5 degrees to 45 degrees.

·       Contains the Bluetooth connectivity system for notification purpose

·       You can connect this device to a subsisting HVAC scheme or as a standalone technology.

·       It has a silent alert option that is audible and visual alarm-like with a smoke detector that continuously reassures the pathogen-free air.

·       It is how brilliant minds are bringing massive changes to our every day lives. The devices are so manageable and capable that people can rely on them that the technology will keep us safe today.

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