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Top 5 best MP4 to MP3 converter

Some of the most popular formats are MP4 and MP3, however the two formats are completely different because one format is Video and the other is audio. For some software they only support one of two formats and force us to use the correct format. In the bouncing article, the post will introduce to you top 5 best mp4 to mp3 converter software.

1. Convert MP4 to MP3

Change mp4 to mp3 is one of the most dedicated tools to convert MP4 Video format to MP3 audio format. However, this tool has only one function, so if you want to look for extra features, they probably will not. The advantage of Convert MP4 to MP3 software is that the conversion speed is fast, the audio quality after conversion seems to be the same as the original. Besides, you can also add a list to convert batch files quickly. This is the best mp4 to mp3 converter for you.

2. Adobe Audition

Adobe is one of the best mp4 to mp3 converter of software production and Adobe's strength is its digital software. Adobe Audition tool was born to edit audio files in the most professional way to change mp4 to mp3 . However, the Adobe Audition input supports a lot of different formats, including MP4, which means you can add MP4 files to edit audio and split music files into MP3. fast. In the profession, Adobe Audition is highly appreciated thanks to many outstanding features and beautiful display interface.

3. Free Convert MP4 To MP3

If you have a need to find software that supports converting MP4 to MP3 for free, this is the first choice. The Free Convert MP4 To MP3 tool supports users to quickly convert Video to audio format, besides you can create a conversion list to shorten the working time.

4. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a dedicated tool for editing Video, but the tools included in the software are good at converting MP4 to MP3 format. Operation on the software is very simple, it seems that you just need to Inport and select Export to choose the MP3 format, click OK and everything will be done in a snap. The advantage of Adobe Premiere Pro is that you can create Intro / outtro, cut music directly.

5. Shining MP4 Converter

Shining MP4 Converter will help you change mp4 to mp3 format to a variety of different formats, including basic MP3 format. The most outstanding feature of Shining MP4 Converter is that you can simultaneously convert multiple files into many different formats through the push of a button. The features of Shining MP4 Converter are very easy to use with an intuitive interface.

6. Software to convert mp4 to mp3 AVS Video Converter

You will no longer have to wonder if converting mp4 files to mp3 is difficult or not, because the main features of AVS Video Converter will help you easily do it:

       Convert with fastest time.

       Convert videos with subtitles.

       Convert videos for different devices.

       Correctly change the ratio.

       Share videos on websites.

       Create videos for web pages.

The way to change mp4 to mp3

Method 1: Use change mp4 to mp3 software

Link to download the software:

Step 1: Launch the software

(1) At the main interface of the software, select Add MP4

(2) Select the MP4 file you want to convert

(3) Click Open

You can also add multiple MP4 files to Convert at the same time.

Step 2:

(4) After you have selected the MP4 file, choose Convert to MP3.

(5) Select the folder where MP3 files are saved and then select OK.

Then the software will perform the conversion

Method 2: Use MP4 to MP3 Converter

The MP4 to MP3 Converter software is relatively easy to use.

Click the (+) sign to add the Video you want Converter and then select Open

(1) You choose the wrench icon to customize the MP3 file quality.

(2) You choose a folder to store MP3 files.

(3) Customize Convert settings like:

Sampling Frequency: Sampling frequency.

Channel Mode: Output channel.

Bits per Second: Sound frequency.

(4) After completing the settings, click OK.

You click the Convert icon to perform the conversion

Method 3: Use the online Convertio website

Link site:

Step 1: You upload the MP4 file to the website, you can choose to get the file from your computer, GoogleDrive, Dropbox or URL.

Step 2: Choose Convert

Step 3: Wait a moment for the website to automatically convert, then choose to download to download the MP3 file to your computer.

Method 4: Use Online Audio Converter website

Link website:

The website's interface is quite easy on the eyes and the steps are quite simple. In addition, you can also increase the quality of MP3 files up to 320 kbps.

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