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Types Of Properties - Basic Number Properties

What is your bank balance?

And you want to spend it as an investment, and then nothing is more appropriate then investing your money in real estate.

Usually we think that the only way for investing in real estate is through buying houses and commercial plots. According to surveys people are quite reluctant in buying property because they are unaware of the type of properties available. For instance, most of the people, from the earning class do not know about  Provident Woodfield and provident plots

In this article, I have discussed some types of properties which can be bought as an investment. This will help people in securing their money in the long run. 

Property investment, does not always mean buying houses, you can buy shops, plazas or agricultural lands. 

The best advantage of investing in real estate is its asset based nature, once you have paid for the property you will not be fearing any sort of loss, and the best part is the older the place the more expensive it will be if it is a commercial one . 

Residential property

In this category we count houses and buildings with flats, so if you want to buy a house for you then you must plan accordingly. Having a house of your own will save you from rents, but if you are a travel junkie because of your job then it may not be the best option for you. 

You can take some help form the banks, the will provide residential loans which are quite affordable with easy installment. 

Commercial property 

Buying shops and plazas will come under this umbrella. You can have a plot, which is legally commercial and make an office on it for giving on rent. 

In case of commercial property, you do not live there but you earn from it, as long as you have given it on rent. Many people try to buy shops in skyscrapers and malls, and then brands would contact them for having shops on rent. This is a quite happening deal in developing countries. 

Industrial real estate

This is the bigger investment, if you want to buy wide areas, and sell it altogether then that selling will be counted as an industrial property selling. 

Mostly, people tend to earn revenues from such investments, for instance if you have got a 1200 sq ft garage, then you can ask somebody to start a car service are, and then you can earn from there on monthly or daily basis. In simpler words, you will be a sort of owner. 

Agricultural land

In developing countries this land is quite significant. People tend to buy agricultural land and then give that land to some other groups of farmers, who will cultivate crops. 

The farmers are bound to share the profit with the land owner, this investment can be really productive if you have picked the right crop, which is in demand and secondly the area of the land will also play a crucial role.

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