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Top 10 amazing okra health benefits

Okra is one of the foods used in daily meals. Not only has the delicious flavor, characteristic viscosity, okra is also considered a valuable medicine, good for health. So what treatment okra and how it works? You can read more useful and wonderful benefits of okra with human health.

Why okra have effects of treatment?

Okra contains a lot of nutrients like fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid, potassium and etc. These are nutrients that help enhance the digestive function, improve the immune system, antioxidant and more. Therefore, okra is used to make many delicious food everyday. Here are some of the health benefits of okra that few people know about it.

Top 10 benefits of okra 

1. Prevent anemia

As you know okra is rich in vitamin K, vitamin B, iron, zinc, potassium, manganese and magnesium and etc. These are all important substances that help create many red blood cells in the body. So if you eat okra during a meal or drink juice from it, you won't have to worry about the risk of anemia. Therefore, if you want to prevent and treat anemia, actively eat or drink okra juice

2. Relieve cough and sore throat

According to nutrition experts, okra juice is considered a popular remedy for sore throat and cough. This juice has good antibacterial and antiseptic properties, so it helps to improve symptoms of cough and sore throat. To do this, you wash the leaves and roots of okra clean, discharge and dry. Take 10-16g dried okra, drink water instead of tea or use it to gargle daily.

3. Diabetes cure

Through research, the scientists found that okra contains some substances similar to insulin that reduce blood sugar. Therefore, people with diabetes should regularly drink okra juice to support treatment. However, patients should note always adhere to the treatment regimen of the doctor, do not arbitrarily quit.

4. Improve male physiology

Scientific research shows that okra contains glucide complex polysaccharide and many other nutritional ingredients. They work to enhance blood flow into the genital area, making an erection effective. Therefore, many men still consider okra as a "panacea" to improve male physiology. Furthermore, the men can use okra in daily meals with many different forms such as raw, boiled, soup and so on. 

5. Reduce bad cholesterol

As a food rich in soluble fiber, okra helps reduce cholesterol effectively. If you regularly use okra juice, your blood cholesterol levels will drop quickly and help protect the cardiovascular system.

6. Improve digestive system function

Thanks for amount of fiber in okra, it has brought relief effects to okra. Working in the same way as a natural laxative, okra helps strengthen bowel motility, eliminating toxins from the body. However, for people with irritable bowel syndrome or intestinal problems, you do not eat too much okra because it is high in fructan, which can cause diarrhea.

7. Improve immune system

Okra juice contains large amounts of vitamin C and antioxidants. Therefore, it is very good for immune system function of the body.. If using foods from okra, you should note that cooking at low temperatures, not overcooked to ensure nutrition.

8. Skin beauty

The amazing juice is considered as the perfect way to help you have beautiful skin. Okra is also a favorite material that many women use to improve the health of their skin. The antioxidants in okra purify the blood, support the treatment of acne and skin diseases. Therefore, do not hesitate to increase the consumption of okra for smooth, bright skin. Besides, you can wash and crush the okra to apply a mask. Should maintain okra mask 2 times / week.

9. Support asthma treatment

The vitamin C and antioxidants in okra will be a great help to help you improve breathing problems like asthma. Eating okra regularly and drinking it will help ease the discomfort caused by asthma.

10. Help strengthen bones

Few people know that this vegetable contains large amounts of vitamin K and folate. This is considered a "savior" for the health of the bones and joints of each person by increasing the bone density, preventing osteoporosis and strengthening bones.
Obviously with this effect, we can see okra quite effectively cure arthritis. However, people should be aware: this food contains solanine. This component may have a minor incidence of inflammation and joint pain. Therefore, people with arthritis should consider and should not eat too much okra.

Above are 10 valuable okra health benefits. So what are you waiting for without buying corn immediately and processing lots of delicious food for family to enjoy. Do not forget the important notes when using okra to bring the best effect to the health of yourself and your family.

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