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Logitech wireless mouse driver and necessary information to know

Wireless mice have two types: Bluetooth - directly connected to the computer using the computer's Bluetooth transceiver; and RF wireless connection - connect to the receiver that's attached to your computer. If you are looking for the best way to connect Logitech wireless mouse to a computer, you should spend time to read out the post to know more about logitech wireless mouse driver.

Method 1: Connect a mouse to the wireless receiver

If you want to use Logitech wireless mouse driver, you have follow the steps below:
-       Attach the receiver of the mouse to the computer
The receiver must match the computer's USB port. You will see the rectangular, slightly narrow USB ports, located on either side of the laptop's body and in front of the desktop CPU.
Attaching the receiver before starting the mouse allows your computer to install the drivers or software necessary to use the mouse.
-       Make sure the mouse is inserted or charged
To do this step, you only need to open the cover on the bottom of the mouse, but some mouse have batteries attached to the back compartment of it. If you haven't used your mouse in months, you should replace the battery even if it's a fresh one. Furthermore, some types of mouse of Logitech need to be charged instead of installing a battery.
-       Launch the mouse        
This is the button on the underside of the mouse, but you can also find the On / Off slider on the side of the mouse. If you do not see the On / Off button, refer to the mouse manual.
-       Press the "Connect" button of the mouse
The location of this button will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but you can usually find this button between two mouse buttons or on the mouse wall. Some mouse are labeled "plug and play" (plug and play), meaning you don't need to manually connect or download any software.
-       Move the mouse back and forth to check the connection
When you see the mouse start to move on the screen, that means your mouse is connected.
If the mouse does not move, try turning it off and then turning it back on. If possible, try changing the USB port used to attach the receiver

Method 2: Connect Logitech wireless mouse diver on Windows 10

-       Launch the mouse
To do this step, you need to find the "On / Off" slider usually found on the underside of the mouse, then push the slider to the "On" position. If your mouse uses batteries, you should also make sure the batteries are replaced. The battery compartment is usually on the underside of the mouse.
-       Open the Start menu on the computer
You can do this by clicking the Windows icon at the bottom left of the screen or pressing the Win key on the computer keyboard.
-       Click Settings with the gear icon near the bottom left corner of the Start window
-       Click Devices next to the icon like a keyboard and iPod. It is the second option in the Windows Settings menu.
-       Click on Bluetooth & other devices. This is the first option in the sidebar of the page.
-       Click the slider below the "Bluetooth" heading to turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10 computers. If the slider is blue, Bluetooth is enabled.
-       Click on Add Bluetooth or other devices
This is the first button above the "Bluetooth & Other Devices" menu. After clicking on it, you will see the new "Add a device" window.
-       Click Bluetooth
That is the first option at the top of the "Add a device" menu. This will start scanning for nearby Bluetooth devices
-       Press and hold the 'Pairing' button in the short time on the mouse
Most Bluetooth mice have a pairing button, which you have to press and hold for a second for the mouse to be detected by Bluetooth. Typically, the light will glow when the mouse is in pairing mode. You will see the user guide to see if your mouse has a paired button and its position.
-       Find the correct name of the mouse
When Windows finds a Bluetooth mouse, the mouse's name will appear on the device list in the "Add a device" window. If the mouse is not displayed, press and hold the double button on the mouse again. Next, turn off your computer's Bluetooth and turn it back on.
-       Click on the mouse's name
This will add the mouse to your device's list of devices and from now on you can use the mouse without having to pair it again.
These are the simple way to Logitech wireless mouse driver which you should know when connecting.

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