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Inside corrugated box manufacturers in india

 Corrugated boxes production represents one of the specialty products in the packaging industry that fulfills a critical need in a wide range of industries from food and consumer goods to electronics. Without question, these rigid yet lightweight and remarkably flexible containers are indispensable to product handling and storage. Earlier, the corrugated box manufacturing sector was not very promising, but today, it contributes a lot to the growth of the retail and e-commerce sectors in India.

History of Corrugated Box Manufacturing in India

It can be said that the movement of corrugated box manufacturers in india start in mid of the twentieth century. First of all, the production was global and very diversified, depending on import most of its essential input such as raw materials and machines. The industry did not receive much boost until the liberalization process of the economy in the middle of the 1990s. Manufacturers in India began to embrace new technologies in the production of its products, which saw tremendous boosts in productivity as well as the quality of the manufactured end product. Today, the corrugated box manufacturing is in a very developed state and India is among the global leaders in this sphere.

The Manufacturing Process

Raw Materials Used

The primary materials used in corrugated boxes are kraft paper and glues: both of these have basic uses in the production of corrugated boxes due to their respective functions in the construction of the product. Kraft paper is a strong and durable type of paper Dy and is made from virgin as well as recycled sources. Most of the laminating adhesives are made from starch which acts as the glue in the joining of the various paper layers.

Step-by-Step Production Process

·       Corrugating the Paper: The kraft paper is then taken through a corrugating machine for fluting or corrugating through the help of heated rollers.

·       Forming the Corrugated Board: The fluted paper is sandwiched with two flat papers (liner papers) using adhesives, resulting in a corrugated board.

·       Cutting and Creasing: The corrugated board is then cutoff into the desired box sizes and fold where needed to have the correct shape.

·       Printing: Accruing to customer needs, the boxes are flexibly printed with branding logo, product description or anything as desired.

·       Folding and Gluing: The cut folded sheets on the other hand are packaged in thin flip-top boxes or tins where the sheets are glued along the edges.

·       Quality Control: Every batch of mattress goes through material testing to guarantee sturdiness and proper standard size.

Quality Control Measures

To ensure quality of products, manufacturers incorporate stringent measures to enhance quality standards. These comprise burst indices, edge crush indices and moisture content tests carried out from time to time to see whether the boxes can be able to meet certain conditions and the kinds of handling it will be subjected to.

Avon Packaging’s internet store contains the diverse essential corrugated boxes known to cater to the various needs of corporations. Here are a few reasons why Avon Packaging is thebest place to buy corrugated boxes online.

Extensive Product Range

Availability in Different Sizes and Designs

Avon Packaging offers a wide range of corrugated boxes that may be required by clients according to size as well as style they desire. If for instance you are packing sensitive items that require special containers, it is possible to find a box that fits the size of such products. This variety makes it easy for you to select the right box that would perfectly fit a certain product hence improving on the degree of protection as well as presentation.

Specialty Boxes

In addition to regular dimensions, Avon Packaging has specialized packaging boxes that give direction to the item. They are available in various types such as, strong hulf and double wall boxes for enhanced strength, stackable and bulk boxes for versatile use and sized and colored boxes for printing business logo. Specialty boxes satisfy all packaging needs in order to minimize any packaging needs that may hinder efficiency or effectiveness.

High-Quality Materials

Durable Construction

Avon Packaging corrugated boxes are thus strong and durable with inputs that have been sourced out from renowned producers. These boxes can be readily moved and will provide necessary protection to the contents in case of handling. This is especially important for businesses as the structure is strong to avoid likely cases of damage that may harm both the businesses and customers.

Eco-Friendly Options

Sustainability is of essence to Avon Packaging providing sustainable corrugated packaging boxes to our customers. These business made from used materials which are in essence recyclable and ensure such boxes are also recyclable. Green options are selected to align with sustainable processes and will also help in capturing the attention of consumers who are also interested in environmental conservation.

Ease of Online Shopping
User-Friendly Website

Spending some time to create a customer friendly website is an area that Avon Packaging did not compromise on as their online store is user friendly. The layout of the website is quite straightforward thus [allowing easy navigation of the products, comparison of different choices and ordering for the same. Text items are more descriptive, sometimes with pictures to assist customers make right choices.

Secure and Efficient Checkout

According to the website, the check out process is safe and convenient with smooth flow of operations. Accepted forms of payments and other features that enhance security imply that the payment process is secure and easy to perform. This makes the purchasing of corrugated boxes online fast and easy, which is one of the advantages witnessed in many businesses.

Major Players in the Indian Market

The industry mostly consists of a few large players including the corrugated box manufacturers in India. Notable names include:

·       Avon Containner Pvt Ltd: it is well known for offering covering products of the highest quality.

·       Avon Packaging: This company mainly offers Pack and bespoke corrugated packaging solution.

·       Jainsons Packers: Praised for offering the largest selection of beautiful home decor products and unique designs.

·       Horizon Packs: Large company that has a large number of customers and can competitively perform highly technological production.

The creation of these firms has been brought about through workmanship, creativity, and better customer solutions.

Technological Advancements

It has preventive and prosthetic technologies form a number of improvements that have been adopted within the industry in an attempt to enhance efficiency and product quality. Advanced technology in machinery has enhanced production where most of the printing machines are being developed as high-speed corrugators and cutting and creasing machines. This sector has not only enhanced production capabilities but human error and cost of labor has also been minimized which has enhance the competitive capability of the industry globally.

Sustainability Practices

Today’s generation of Indian manufacturers is not ignorant to the emerging environmental problems, and therefore there is a inclination towards adopting efficient and sustainable practices. This ranges from the use of recycled material to efficient energy management and the prudent utilization of all renewable resources. Different companies that engage in packaging have equally adopted friendly environmentally packaging, for instance, ITC Limited has significantly making efforts to cut down on their carbon dioxide emission as well as encouraging the recycling forms.

Challenges Faced by Manufacturers

Nevertheless, the existence of several challenges is still a reality of the industry. One of the challenges for Costplus World is intense pricing pressure originating from cheaper imports, especially from China. Also, while purchasing raw materials certain changes in price affect the earnings greatly. The pressure for manufacturers is high because they have to constantly update product designs and find new ways to operate efficiently, without significantly raising costs.

Government Regulations and Policies

There are several policies that have been put in place by the Indian government which will be described below. The policy measures that encourage material choices that are less harmful to the environment and financial incentives for technology acquisition have been helpful. Still, the issue of meeting strict environmental requirements remains secondary for manufacturers, which is critical for most small businesses.

Market Demand and Trends

Today cortegated boxes are considered absolutely essential in food and beverage industries, druggists, electrical and textile trades. The growth of the business through the internet, more so in e-commerce has made these boxes popular since the products being sold require protection and gentle handling during shipment. Another trend also evident has also been the customisation and branding where many firms strive to work hard in finding new ways of packaging with the aim of boosting their brands.

Export and Import Dynamics

India exports corrugated boxes to various countries across the globe with some being the United States, Europe and the Middle eastern countries. It is expanding due to increased demand for packaging solutions and services across the world, with Indian companies being recognized for their quality at affordable price. On the other hand, there are some materials, which the industry sources outside Japan, like specialized kraft paper to suit the different needs of the manufacturing processes.

Industry Trends and Top Manufacturers’ Examples

Avon Containner:  Avon Containner has made use of various strategies and has established industry benchmarks, particularly, with its Sustainable Development initiatives and packaging system. Many achievements including becoming a member of the green gateway program due to its focuses on using recycled materials and this has seen it curb its carbon footprint.

Avon Packaging:  This company is especially notable for its focused approach stemming from the fact that it offers production and delivery of solutions to virtually any kind of industry. This has been due to its superb manufacturing plants and the fact that it places much emphasis on the quality of its products.

Role of Corrugated Boxes in E-commerce

They pursued that, in the e-commerce segment, corrugated boxes are extremely critical to product protection and customer satisfaction. The materials used have to have enough rigidity to safeguard the items throughout transportation processes but at the same time ensure that costs of shipment remain reasonable. Furthermore, customization with the branding and the product details is displayed on the boxes makes it even efficient and the customers more loyal.

Future Prospects

The details mentioned above state that corrugated box manufacturers in Faridabad future appears to be quite bright. Bearing in mind the constant expansion of the e-commerce and retail industries, it is correct to state that the necessity for improved packaging will remain high. New advances in sustainable resources, to replace current materials used widely in industries and improved methods of production will enhance the position of the industry internationally. Moreover, the use of technologies and automation as a key approach is set to remain an established path to efficiency and cost leadership.

Effect of the Current Health Crisis on the Industry

Thus, a powerful assault on the industry occurred as the main result of COVID-19, which also possessed certain potentialities. First, there were negative impacts of disruptions or cuts in delivery together with lock down to produce the equipment. Nevertheless, the rise of cyberspace customers has a positive impact on the demand for corrugated boxes. Companies changed their operations in a number of ways, such as by developing their e-business setups and strengthening their measures with regard to health risks in order to remain functional.


Manufacturing corrugated boxes is a growing and highly important industry dedicated to numerous industries in India. Over the years, the industry has grown and recorded high technological improvements and adapt to embrace sustainability thus facing the future. The usage is bound to grow in the future as e-commerce emerges and environmental friendly packaging ideas come to practice; position of Indian manufacturers will be strategic in this packaging system.


I need information on what corrugated boxes are manufactured from.

There are three types of materials used in corrugated boxes, and although some of them may contain recycled paper, the main material is largely kraft paper. It is created from layers of fluted paper, placed between two flat, or planer, linerboards.

What steps are relied on in the recycling of corrugated boxes?

The corrugated boxes can be recycled by the method of converting them into pulps which undergoes a wash and then can be used to manufacture another paper. These two activities aid in the conservation of environmental resources to the extent that they are recycled before being reused.

Which manufacturers are leading in production of corrugated box in India ?

Some of the most popular companies that have a supply of corrugated box manufacturing companies include Avon Containner Pvt Ltd., Avon Packaging.

Corrugated boxes are a kind of packaging material and they have a number of uses:

Corrugated boxes are familiar packaging solutions for products due to the transportation of goods across food and beverage, electronics, pharmaceutical and textile industries. It gives protection, handle ability and the branded aspect to identify corporate image.

Evaluating the above findings, it is apparent that the rise of e-commerce has a both positive and negative influence over corrugated box manufacturing.

This is because the advancement of e-commerce has greatly contributed to the high rise in the usage of the corrugated boxes in trying to safely and securely post the various products.

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