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⁠Beyond the Surface: Unveiling the Functionality of Sainik Laminates


In today’s interior design industry, designers, architects, and homeowners highly seek laminates that intertwine functionality and aesthetics. Of the many in the market, CenturyPly’s Sainik Laminates collections stand out as an epitome of versatility and creativity.

With this collection leading the way, the concept of customisation takes on a whole new meaning, empowering owners to transform every part of their space into an expression of their unique style and artistry, thereby instilling a sense of confidence.

Continue scrolling through this blog to learn the revolutionary functionality of Sainik Laminates, which can offer solutions for any kind of customized design possibilities to redefine aesthetics across commercial and residential spaces with its countless textures, applications, and styles!

Awe- Inspiring Functionality of Sainik Laminates

Today, professionals and homeowners are investing in laminate sheets that allow creative expression and durability. Check out below how the Sainik laminate collection can help fulfill this criteria;

  1. Dimensional Stability

Most of the laminates on today’s market lack dimensional stability, meaning the laminate layers are uneven. This makes them warp and swell over time and even difficult to work with. However, that’s not the case with the Sainik collection. All the laminates possess dimensional stability, meaning they have a uniform thickness, making them suitable for any usage.

  1. Impact Resistant

These laminates are beyond the ordinary as they are resistant to heavy impacts. It can be in the form of any heavy object. However, amidst it falling, the laminate surface remains smooth, similar to how it looked initially, with the least damage. This feature increases its longevity.

  1. Abrasion Resistant

Engineered with abrasion-resistant features, these CenturyPly laminates show the least abrasion. Moreover, they comprise a deep layer technology that makes the laminates withstand many years, regardless of where they are installed.

  1. Even Sanding

Worried about spills ruining the laminate surface making it lose shine in particular areas? With CenturyPly’s Sainik collection, owners can put their worries away as these laminates are manufactured with uniform sanding for the purpose of superior bonding to keep the laminate sheets intact.

  1. Boiling Water Resistant

Want to install laminates in kitchens and bathrooms? Go ahead with this laminate collection as they are specially manufactured to be water-resistant to extreme water applications including boiling water burns.

  1. Surface Tissue Technology

Ordinary laminates tend to lose the color incorporated in them in a few years. Keeping this in mind, this collection from CenturyPly has employed the color fastness feature so that the shine of the laminates doesn’t get damaged with daily wear and tear for many years.

  1. Stain Resistant

Almost all laminates are prone to mild and stubborn stains. However, in the case of the Sainik collection of laminates, both these stain types can be erased in one go. How? Just by wiping it out, thereby retaining the shine of the laminate surface in the years to come.

  1. Scratch Resistant

Despite the ever-changing environment, Sainik laminates can withstand daily wear and tear. This is because they are specially manufactured with a surface finish that doesn’t allow damage from external factors such as children playing or any other random activities.

  1. Crack Resistant

Most of the laminate brands in today’s market become distorted during the installation process. Simply put, they can become hard to apply and cut or too easily torn, making the work strenuous for carpenters. However, the Sainik collection has laminates engineered with crack-resistant technology so that they can withstand the installation process without damage.

  1. Dry Heat Resistant

Worrying about installing laminates in kitchen countertops or surfaces where heat reaches easily? Then invest in Sainik Laminates as they are pre-built with heat-resistant technology to keep the laminate surface protected from hot utensils and surfaces.

  1. Triple Shield Technology

This technology ensures that the laminates prevent fungal, microbial, and bacterial growth, protecting the family members up to 99.99%. Moreover, the environment is germ-free after guest visits, too!


Are you amazed to learn the functionality provided by Sainik Laminates? Then, choose your favorite design, texture, and color to begin customizing and styling your interiors now!

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