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The Gold Standard: Exploring the Superior Quality and Performance of Club Prime Plywood


From woodworking projects like interior designs to construction purposes, choosing the perfect plywood is of the utmost importance. Plywood is the backbone structure that adds aesthetics or security to your living or working space. If you are in search of reliable plywood, be it for supplies or as decor that perfectly balances value and budget, Club Prime Plywoods by CenturyPly is the ideal choice!

With a rich history of over three decades in the industry, Club Prime Plywood is a trusted name, offering superior wood furnishing services and products for both residential and commercial use. So, scroll down to see how this brand stands out from the rest in today’s market to pick your coveted plywood choice!

Noteworthy Differences of Club Prime Plywoods You Have Never Heard Of

From superior quality, strength, and performance, here are reasons why Club Prime Plywoods is the best choice for your upcoming projects;

1. Pre- Pressed Plywoods 

This service is exclusively owned by Club Prime Plywoods in India. Pre-pressing involves infusing preservatives deep inside the veneers before passing them under the hot press. It allows uniform moisture distribution across the plywood, making it termite—and borer-proof. This process also makes the plywood waterproof, providing dimension stability and allowing it to bend and even be warp-resistant.

2. Extra Strong With Extra Plies

The strength of plywood relies on the number of veneer sheets (otherwise known as ‘plies’) it is stuck together with. So, to provide extra strength, the Century Club PrimePlywood manufacturers have stacked more plies to increase the longevity of the plywood. For instance, if these plywoods are used in making furniture, the ply withstands many years without any outward signs of damage. 

3. Numerous Thickness Range Choices

Every piece of furniture requires plywood with a specific thickness. Club Prime Plywoods has a solution for the distinct needs of furniture with its wide range of thicknesses to choose from with plywoods manufactured with top-quality materials. 16, 19, and 25 mm are some of the many thickness measures available. You can even get it in the form of blockboards too. 

4. Grade BWP Plywoods

BWP grade (or Boiling Waterproof Grade plywood) is a waterproof variety of plywood where waterproof adhesives are incorporated to increase resilience and strength against water damage. 

This feature makes this plywood an ideal choice for any part of the house, including places with high humidity. So, to make it genuine, the Club Prime Plywoods have passed 24 distinct tests. Additionally, a 72-hour boiling water test to reconfirm the plywood quality was also conducted with the tests.

5. Insect Resistant GLP Fomula

The Glue Line Protection (GLP) formula is a unique component added to the plywood that keeps away borer and termite attacks on the plywood.

6. Decades of Warranty

Warranty is the prime trait that helps build customer trust in a brand. That’s why Club Prime Plywood offers a warranty for each product purchased. Surprisingly, you get a 25-year warranty for the plywood against termite and borer attacks. 


Plywoods play a significant role in architecture, and choosing the best will ensure the success of your project. However, today, numerous dealers offer plywood ranges with varied innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. 

Here, the Club Prime Plywood brand steals the limelight by exemplifying the features of excellence that other brands have to offer. Committing to a customer-centred approach, quality, and product variety, you can trust this plywood brand while embarking on your architecture journey.

However, before making a purchase either online or offline, ensure that you have an informed choice so that the plywood you buy matches your project requirements for longevity and untarnished quality.

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