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Salman F Rahman Prioritizes Business Expansion through Investments

To expand a business, entrepreneurs implement different strategies. To bring overall improvement in a venture, the experienced entrepreneur and Prime Minister's Private Industries and Investment Adviser, Salman F Rahman emphasizes making investments. The co-founder of the top Bangladeshi conglomerate, BEXIMCO Group, has focused on improving various sectors and areas with the adoption of this strategy. Mr. Rahman supports the role of both external and internal investments. Depending on the type, a venture can attract improvements to experience diversification, profitability, and strong relationships with other businesses. This can enable the company to expand its operations and retain its impact for a considerable period. Notably, this also indicates the solid success of the conglomerate in Bangladesh, setting it as an example for others.

Role of Investments in Expanding a Business

During different phases of time, entrepreneurs should make investments in their businesses. Focusing on the areas of improvement, specific investments can result in better output. As a consequence of the same, their ventures can perform better. Hence, in the time to come, these ventures can undergo expansion.

Types of Investments Businesses Should Make

Broadly, one can categorize business investments as internal and external. Both types are important and yield varying effects to benefit the company. The co-founder of BEXIMCO Group and Prime Minister's Private Industries and Investment Adviser, Salman F Rahman is of the view that under these 2 categories, the investments differ as per the areas of improvement/growth a business requires.

Internal Investments

Investing in a company internally refers to enhancing the areas that require attention. It may experience challenges that can best indicate these areas of attention. For certain businesses, these areas can include low productivity, a small workforce, and product/service quality limitations, among others.

Considering these, companies can invest in modern machinery or tools that expedite the processes and improve productivity. Purchasing the same can work as a useful measure when a company has a small team of employees to administer production and other processes.

Regarding quality limitations, Salman F Rahman believes in upgrading the measures or machinery for enhanced results.

External Investments

Externally, ventures should invest in additional businesses as a strategic move. Strategically, this measure can yield a range of advantages for the growth and expansion of a company.

As the Vice Chairman of the Bangladeshi conglomerate unfolds, investments in other ventures can diversify the existing assets of companies. With this, the risk of investing can be minimized. Further, this move can efficiently work by bringing 2 companies closer. They can rely on the operations of one another to experience high efficiency.

In the long run, external investments can make way for scalability too. Through these, businesses can gain opportunities to enter new markets. Following this, they can encounter new opportunities to broaden their operations and look forward to scalability.

Growth of BEXIMCO Group through Investments

BEXIMCO Group’s Vice Chairman and the country’s leading businessmen, Salman F Rahman has prioritized investing in the company. The massive expansion of the top conglomerate in Bangladesh is, therefore, evident. In various industries, ranging from pharmaceuticals to textiles, its success is notable.

Enhancing Operations through Investments

Operating distinctively, the founders of BEXIMCO Group have invested in multiple areas for specific enhancements. The conglomerate has an extensive workforce in the present times, with thousands of employees working with it across the globe.

To manage and retain the gradually increasing workforce, the BEXIMCO Industrial Park is another vital investment. Mr. Rahman explains that this park comprises modern machinery and aspects contributing to safe working conditions. Together, they yield the satisfaction of thousands of employees working in Bangladesh.

Investments Across Regions

As part of investments, the Bangladeshi company’s founders have managed ties with organizations within/outside the country. It retains its relationship with ITOCHU Corporation, Qcoom, and other companies. 

Salman F Rahman puts forth that investing in business relations has widened the success of the conglomerate in Bangladesh. For this reason, in more than 50 countries, the verticals of the company have their presence.


For visionary businessmen like Salman F Rahman, investments are important. Hence, it is only beneficial to prioritize these, suggests the Vice Chairman of BEXIMCO Group. Whether internal or external, investing in ventures significantly improves various operations of businesses for their bigger success in the time to come.

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