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How to Pick the Right Cone Crusher?

When you explore the internet to check the range of crushers, you will find plenty of options from the leading crusher manufacturers in India. Among all, cone crushers are quite popular. These are the machines that are used to break raw materials or stones into fine particles. Cone crushers are highly used in construction and mining sectors for crushing sturdy materials such as ore, stone, rock, etc. When it comes to the work process of a cone crusher, it squeezes raw materials between the concave hopper and the gyrating cone. These are covered by the bowl liner or manganese concave.

In case you are planning to get a cone crusher for your facility or plant, you are advised to check this post for some important details. So, let us begin.

Why use a cone crusher?

The best thing about cone mobile stone crusher in India is that it can easily crush materials, irrespective of the hardness. You can also use them to produce a uniform size of the product. When you have concrete and asphalt to crush, you must have this crusher in the plant.

When it comes to the types of cone crusher, you will get two types mainly – short head and standard. The short-head cone crusher is the best option for fine and medium-sized crushing. The standard one, on the other hand, is perfect when you need medium and coarse crushing. In short head, you will get smaller feed along with a steeper chamber for crushing.

In addition to this, a cone crusher is best acknowledged for its durability and reliability. The design of this crusher is also sturdy and heavy so that it can easily withstand in harshest and rough climatic conditions. Talking about the advanced technology, you can get cone crushers with hydraulic systems to reduce repair and overall maintenance costs.

How to pick the best-suited cone crusher for the plant?

Choosing a crusher, particularly the cone one can be a daunting task. But when you know some of the factors to make the right choice, things become easier. Below, we have highlighted the critical aspects that you should consider:

      Material type: The material type you are going to process will have a huge role to play when it comes to choosing cone crushers. Since every material is different and has different characteristics, you must pick the crusher that can easily break the material into the desired size. For instance, if you have abrasive and hard materials like basalt and granite to crush, it is a must to have a cone crusher with a higher reduction ratio and enhanced capacity. For soft materials, on the other hand, you can go for cone crushers with moderate capacity.

      Capacity of the crusher: This is yet another important factor that one must consider while choosing a cone mobile stone crusher in India. To measure the capacity, you will need to consider the feed opening size along with its throughput. To get higher throughput, you should get a cone crusher with a larger feed opening. By having this, you can put more materials in one go for processing.

      Size of the feed: Yet another important consideration is the feed size. A cone crusher can have a restricted feed size. When you put it beyond the limit, it can damage, break, or jam the crusher. Thus, consider the material size before getting the right feed size.

      Configuration of the chambers: A standard cone crusher is best for tertiary and secondary crushing. A short head, on the other hand, is perfect for fine or clear crushing. Hence, you can pick from these configurations to match the needs of your product size and applications.

      Mobility: If your project needs the crusher to be moved from site to site, then you should go for the mobile cone crushers. For this, you can check the range offered by the prominent crusher manufacturers in India. These crushers come with tracks or wheels for easy transportation.

      Efficiency and power: These are critical factors to consider while buying a cone crusher. Why? These will ensure the success of your project. When it comes to the factors that decide the efficiency and power, it is specifically determined by the hydraulic pressure and the size of the motor.


Along with the considerations mentioned above, you can also check some more factors while or before buying a cone crusher. These include automation features, services and maintenance, the overall cost of the crusher, support from the provider, and environmental regulations such as noise level, dust suppression, emissions, etc. In case you do not know where all these considerations will meet, you can count on Etrack Crushers. Being a successful and prestigious provider of crushers and other relevant equipment, you can get well-tested options here. For more details, get in touch or simply visit its official website.

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