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How To Get Away With Prison: The Best Criminal Defence Strategies to Keep Away From Conviction

Defence strategies vary from one case to another. Despite some similarities, your lawyer’s chosen strategy will usually change according to the details of your case. The prosecution side’s approach also influences changes in the strategies. 

A successful criminal defence will provide reasonable doubt to the court whether you have committed the crime you have been charged against. To do that, you can hire the best Criminal defence lawyer Kitchener, who has expertise in such strategies and knows how to use them effectively while presenting such cases in court.

In this article, we will examine the best criminal defence strategies that are effective in building strong cases. We will also study various factors that influence building cases for a fair trial.

Common Criminal Defence Strategies

Common Criminal Defence Strategies involve:

  1. The alibi of the defendant

  2. Fraudulent physical evidence and police conduct

  3. No probable cause

  4. Self-defence

  5. Insanity defence

  6. Expired period of limitations

  7. Ignorance and denial of constitutional rights

Lawyers lay out their legal defences, issues, assessment of the prosecution’s case and evidence, and strategy before the case is presented in the court. However, these procedures can change. For example, your lawyer may decide to showcase that the defendant was not at the crime scene by giving the latter an alibi to prove the defendant’s innocence.

In such a scenario, the prosecution may produce a witness or hard evidence like a video showing the defendant at the crime scene. At that time, the defence will cast doubt on the video’s credibility in front of the court or show that the defendant is not guilty despite being present.

As mentioned above, these strategies can change depending on the witness or evidence the prosecution presents. Thus, they must ensure the court is convinced that the defendant is not guilty.

Factors That Can Effectively Build a Strong Case


Sometimes, people assume that a defence lawyer will lie about what the defendant did or didn’t do, which is false. Telling out the truth plays an essential role in the case. This will help the court to make the best judgement.

A jury can receive various accounts of truth differently, depending upon the facts used by the defence and prosecution. For example, the prosecution can showcase that a robbery suspect was at the store at the time of the robbery. Still, they note that the theft happened on the floor where the robber wasn’t present, and the video footage presents the defendant either on the first floor or the escalator. 

The charges can be dropped after the whole truth of the situation is revealed, thus ensuring that the whole reality is evident in the court.

Furthermore, the defence can also put forward causes like imminent danger, self-defence, and insanity after you’ve been proven guilty.

The Mindset of The Defendant

Some criminal defence strategies include showing the defendant’s thought process during the crime. It can demonstrate why the defendant did not want to participate in the crime, even if the evidence is against them.

For example, your friends can ask you to drive their car, not knowing their intention of robbing a bank. While seeing the things happening in the bank, you may leave the bank and call the cops. 

Even if the raw facts show your involvement, your mindset shows that you didn’t want to do anything with this crime. With this, the judges and jurors can perceive facts in a different manner.

Raising Questions on The Process

A good defence strategy can openly question the investigation procedure and prove it illegal or unjust. It can sometimes influence the judge to throw out the evidence, including the ones that can potentially lead to conviction.

For example, the police need probable cause to obtain a search warrant to carry out a search at a home. If they find illegal drugs with evidence like your fingerprints, you can get convicted.

However, if your defence lawyer can prove that the police conducted an illegal search, the judge can throw out the evidence, thus proving your innocence.

The government has implemented laws that protect you from unwanted police interference, thus preventing them from searching homes and other places at their will.

It will ensure the authorities keep their focus on those who are openly and actively committing crimes without disrespecting your privacy.

Final Verdict

Having the best criminal defence strategy is important to avoid unwanted legal consequences. It can help you prevent prison sentences that can be detrimental to your life.

You cannot defend yourself against the charges pressed on you. However, you can defend your case and prove victorious with the help of the most appropriate legal aid.

They can implement strategies that can help you avoid harsh consequences. Their expertise in implementing the most suitable strategies has helped them save their clients from unwanted situations.

Considering the influential factors, these people can use any strategy to defend their clients to avoid further complications. Thus, you can safeguard yourself and avoid going to jail.

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