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How to Merge PDF Files in Mobile: 5 Steps

PDFs are among the popular formats to share the information in documents throughout. It has become a popular choice among businesses, education institutes, schools and everywhere else.

The reason why we prefer sharing content in PDF format is because it doesn’t disturb the formatting and make sure that everyone sees the information in a definite manner as intended. It keeps the text, images, and hyperlinks the same as it was written.

Sometimes, there’s a need to share multiple PDFs in a single document. Merging the PDFs is a go to option. Merging PDFs might seem an overwhelming task for you but it's a very easy process.

In this blog, we’ll learn the benefits of merging PDFs, and how to merge PDF Files in mobile. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Benefits of Merging PDF Files 

There are numerous benefits of merging PDFs. Let's understand the benefits in brief.

  1. It saves a lot of space.

  2. It helps in managing tasks effectively.

  3. With merging PDF files, it becomes easier to share multiple documents at once.

  4. It makes it easier to print. 

  5. It boosts security as you can apply password protection and encryption to the merged files.

How to Merge PDF Files on Mobile?

If you’re merging PDF files on mobile devices, there are two ways in which you can do it. First is using a mobile app and the second is using an online tool. Let’s delve into each process.

#1. Merge PDF Files Using a Mobile App

There are many powerful and user-friendly mobile apps available in the market that you can use to merge PDFs. Here’s what you must consider while choosing the right app:

  1. Features

Find an app that offers basic merging functionality and rearranging the PDFs. Along with that, the app should allow you to protect the PDF with passwords if that’s what you want.

  1. User Review

Before downloading any app on your mobile phone and investing your valuable internet data, always prefer reading reviews from other users. Review can provide you valuable insights about the ease of use, reliability, and any potential drawbacks. 

  1. Free vs. Paid Options

That’s the biggest concern of any user. In the market, both types of apps are available free and paid. Choosing the right one depends on your needs because free apps may have some limited features. 

By this time, you must be able to finalise a mobile app that meets your needs to merge PDF files.

Step-by-Step Process to Merge PDF Files using a Mobile App

Step 1: Download and Install the App

Go to the Google Play Store or App Store to search for the tool and install it on your device.

Step 2: Select the PDFs

Open the app and signup if required. Once done, locate the option to select files. You’ll get an option to browse your mobile device’s storage or access file from cloud storage services like Google Drive. 

Step 3: Arrange the PDF

This step is completely optional and depends on the mobile app you choose. Rearrange the file if required. This step will ensure that the PDFs must appear in a desired manner.

Step 4: Initiate the Merging Process

Once you’re done with selection and rearrangement of PDFs, it’s time to start the process of merging PDFs. Hit the “Merge” button within the app.

Step 5: The Final Step: Save the Merged PDF

App may take a fraction of seconds to merge your PDF. Once the process is complete, the app allows you to save the merged PDF on your device. You can also choose a descriptive name and save it to a convenient location on your mobile device.

#2. Using an Online PDF Merger Tool

PDF Merger tools are an alternative to PDF Merger Apps. The key difference between the two is that you don’t have to download any app in case of a tool. 

  1. No App Download Required

If you’re the one who occasionally merges PDF then tools should be your preferred choice. 

  1. Works on Any Device

One more advantage of the tool is that you can access the tool from any device, any web browser. The only thing you need to do this is an active internet connection, and a device such as phone, tablet, or PC.

Step-By-Step Process to Merge PDFs using a Tool like KlearStack

Step 1: Choose a Reputable Online PDF Merger Tool

While sharing your data and documents with such kinds of tools, security is the biggest concern. Checkout the websites who have clear privacy policies and secure connections. 

An established PDF Merger tool, KlearrStack, maintains high security standards. 

Step 2: Uploading the PDFs

Visit on your browser, navigate through the tools option given in the navigation bar. Select “Merge PDF” section. Click on the “upload file” button and select the PDFs you want to merge from your mobile device’s storage.

Step 3: Arranging PDFs

This step is again completely optional and depends on the online PDF Merge Tool you choose. Rearrange the file if required. This step will ensure that the PDFs must appear in a desired manner.

Step 4: Initiate the Merge Process

Once you are done with uploading PDFs, click on the “Merge PDF” button.

Step 5: Download the Merged PDF

The tool may take some time to merge the PDF. Once the process is complete, you can download the merged PDF on your mobile device. 

And, that’s done! 


Merging PDFs requires lesser storage space and allows you to manage multiple files efficiently. There are two ways to merge PDF files on your mobile. With these simple steps and preference, you can easily merge PDF files.

KlearStack is a PDF Merger tool that you can use to merge multiple PDFs. This FREE tool maintains high security standards to ensure that your data and documents are safe with them.

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