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Touring Bike Destinations In India: Where To Go And What To See

 India is blessed with many charismatic places and holiday destinations. The country is a paradise for nature enthusiasts, from the majestic mountains and valleys to the downward waterfalls and winding roads. India has many routes that are exciting for touring bikers. Apart from exploring beautiful places on two-wheelers, nothing is more delightful for tour biking enthusiasts. Exquisite landscapes and charismatic surroundings make these routes spectacular for unforgettable bike trips.

The blog post will include picturesque routes that excite you, and you would want to go on such trips repeatedly. So, if you are planning a bike trip, have already planned one, or wish to go on such tours, proceed with your reading task and find out which routes are the most thrilling!

Best Touring Bike Routes and Destinations in India

From the spectacular views of Chandigarh-Manali-Leh and Siliguri-Darjeeling-Gangtok to Kerala and Western Arunachal Pradesh, there is a lot to explore in India:-


Bike tours are thrilling when the visited destinations are offbeat and less explored. West Bengal and Sikkim are a few offbeat destinations in the country. Some of the most charismatic valleys and scenic mountains reside in the Siliguri-Darjeeling-Gangtok route. A trip through this route can be highly delightful for riders. With abundant greenery and exquisite weather, the route is heaven for nature enthusiasts. Exploring this route of the country is one of the decisions you will make. Nature lovers will be in awe. Snow-clad mountains and tea plantations on this route are a treat to watch.


A bike trip in the country's northeastern region is appealing and delightful. The Shillong-Cherrapunji-Dawki-Mawlynnong is a hidden gem and one of the country’s most exciting trails that biking enthusiasts should take. With spouting hills, charismatic flowing rivers, and gorgeous skies, a trip to this heaven is on everybody's list. This journey commences in Shillong and then gradually towards Cherrapunji, a highly famous destination among backpackers. The next halt will be the Umngot River, located at Dawki. And then comes Mawlynnong, Asia's cleanest village and an ideal destination for a bike trip.


Are you searching for a captivating touring bike experience? Would you like to take a tour on your touring bike to the Great Indian Thar Desert? That sounds exciting, doesn’t it? On this trip, you can enjoy an excellent ride through Barmer, Jaisalmer, and, eventually, the Khukri village to enjoy the dunes. It is an ideal destination to escape the busy life in the city and get into a zone of rejuvenation, relaxation, calmness, self-discovery, and revitalisation. On this desert trip, you can camp under the stars, light a bonfire, have fun, relax, and enjoy the calmness and refreshment. Upon reaching the Great Indian Thar Desert, you can also take a thrilling camel ride and have a splendid experience.

Kolli Hills, Tamil Nadu

Kolli Hills, located in Tamil Nadu, is a mesmerising destination that will definitely get your heart racing! It is a beautiful hill town on the Eastern Ghats of the southern state of Tamil Nadu. The hills are highly popular for their seventy constant hairpin bends, sufficient enough to thrill you at every moment. Kolli Hills is a tropical hill station popular for its Agaya Gangai waterfall, archaic Shiva temple and Pineapple farmlands. A motorcycle ride from Bangalore to Kolli Hills in Tamil Nadu on a weekend bike trip sounds like a perfect plan, isn’t it?

Western Arunachal Pradesh

With the most humble landscape, a bike ride on the western side of the eastern state of Himachal Pradesh is one of the best and most exciting options. You may encounter unpaved roads and landslides during your trip, but the destination's beauty is worth your efforts. Whether you ride a BMW K 1600 GTL or other options, the natural beauty of Western Arunachal Pradesh compensates for your efforts. Cascading waterfalls, terraced-style paddy farmlands, alpine forests, mountainous streams, minor human settlements, snow-covered roads during the winter season and the chance to witness unusual tribal culture make this location irresistible. Bomdila, Twawang, Ziro, Gorshem Chorten, etc., are a part of this heaven called Western Arunachal Pradesh.


So that is all about the touring bike destinations in India. You should take these touring bike trips in India if you are fond of bike riding and searching for the best motorcycle trip destinations in India. The routes and destinations specified above are just a few picks for the best biking tours in India. In addition to the ones mentioned above, India has a lot to explore, including scenic and adventurous routes. Regardless of which bike you opt for, including the BMW touring bike, a few trips may be tricky, so it is always significant to check the weather conditions and the ideal time to travel on these routes to stay safe and sound on your journey. Happy journey!

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