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Is an online MBA worth it? Recognition, Pros, and Cons

MBA is one of the most sought-after professional courses. Each year, lakhs of students pursue regular, executive, and online MBAs. An online MBA allows students to take higher studies with their work and daily responsibilities. Since you pursue the entire course online, the question generally arises: "Is an online MBA worth it?" "Does it get valued?".

In this blog, we'll get an in-depth understanding of whether an online MBA is worth it or not. We'll talk about online MBA's academic recognition, industry recognition, and scope of skill enhancements. We'll also discover the pros and cons of an online MBA, along with the tips to pursue it.  

Online MBA - Academic Recognition

The online MBA is approved by UGC. Numerous reputed universities like Amity, DY Patil, Sikkim Manipal University, and IGNOU provide online MBA. Moreover, a prestigious institute, IIM IIT, provides online and executive MBA courses. Adding credibility to it. After the Covid-19 pandemic, online education has received much attention, making it an integral part of the education system. 

Online MBA- Industry Recognition

Industry and employers also recognise the importance of online education. They prefer candidates with relevant job experience along with Online MBA learning. The traditional and online MBAs are both treated equally in the job industry. The result is increased demand for online MBAs among working professionals.

Online MBA- Skill Enhancement

An online MBA provides degrees and tailored courses that help you enhance your business, management, financial, and other crucial skills that shape your career. In an online MBA, you are required to attend live classes and learn through recorded videos, study materials, PDFs, PPTs, etc.

Pros of Online MBA

There are several benefits of an online MBA program. These include:

  1. Flexibility

Online MBA allows you to pursue higher study independently. With it, you can manage your study with a job and other responsibilities.

  1. Affordability

    Compared to regular MBA courses, the fees for online MBA programmes are affordable. The fee range for regular MBA courses is RS. 10 LPA to 40 LPA, and the fee range for the online MBA programme is RS. 80 K to 4 LPA, depending on the colleges.
  1. Global Education Reach

Numeros international universities and colleges offer online MBAs. With an online MBA, without relocating to a different country, you can get the same quality of education through the Internet.

  1. Accessibility

Online MBA courses are available to all beyond the region and locality they live in. Anyone can acquire relevant industry-level management skills and pursue their career in their desired managerial field. 

  1. Career Opportunity

Pursuing an online MBA increases the opportunities for you. With the course learning, you can apply for several managerial positions in departments like HR, Accounts, Business Management, etc.  

Cons of Online MBA

With some benefits, there are also some disadvantages of an online MBA.

  1. Limited Networking

With an online MBA, networking becomes difficult. Students don't interact with their classmates, teachers, or experts in person. However, candidates can network through professional platforms, online classes, etc.

  1. Lack of Campus Experience

The candidates pursuing their studies in online classes miss the campus experience, which contributes to enhancing self-confidence, interpersonal skills, and communication skills.

  1. Dependency on technology and the Internet

Online MBA encourages students to become dependent on technology and the Internet. Sometimes, it results in heavy investment in technology and electronic devices. 

Also, pursuing an online MBA can be challenging because it requires high motivation and self-discipline.  

How to pursue an Online MBA

To pursue an online MBA, you must choose a stream that interests you, take admission to a reputed college, and focus on acquiring the skills while studying. 

1.   Choose a Specialisation that Interests You

For online MBA, various specialisations are available. You can select the specialisation that interests you, or you've experience with, or that matches your academic history. Some of the popular online MBA specialisations are: 

      Marketing Management

      Finance Management

      IT Management          

      FinTech Management

      Project Management

      Hospital Administration & Healthcare Management

      Operation Management         

      Logistics Materials & Supply Chain Management     

      Business Analytics Management

      Human Resource Management

2.   Select the Best College/University

There are numerous colleges and universities across the globe through which you can pursue an online MBA. Some of the best colleges/universities for online MBA in India are:

      DY. Patil University

      Amity online University

      Delhi University Centre for Distance Education

      Lovely Professional University

      Manipal university

      Indira Gandhi Open University

      Symbiosis Centre For Distance Learning Institute

      Institute of Management Technology for Online Education

3.   Match eligibility criteria

You must match the eligibility criteria to gain admission to the college or specialisation. You can check the college eligibility by visiting their sites. The general criteria for an online MBA are:

  A bachelor's degree in an academic discipline like arts, science, or commerce from any recognised university.

      The minimum 10+2+3 score is at least 50%.

      Entrance test (depends on colleges)

      Any age group

4.    Take Admission

Finalise your college and stream, match the eligibility criteria and take the admission. While finalising the college or stream, you can take care of the budget, course duration, pedagogy of the course, and other crucial information essential for your online MBA. 

5.   Focus on developing skills.

During the course, focus on developing your skills. Learn the concepts, and if possible, try to implement them in your daily life. You can concentrate on enhancing managerial skills, including teamwork, communication, leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, etc.

6.   Follow self-discipline

An online MBA requires staying motivated to learn, attend classes, and study through notes and course materials. You are required to follow self-discipline. Sometimes, you'll need to go against your will to maintain consistency and focus on learning.

If selecting colleges and streams, following self-discipline throughout the course seems challenging. Getting professional assistance for your online MBA journey can be the right choice. Your experienced guide will help you get information regularly and help you select courses and colleges. Moreover, they'll guide you throughout the course. You can find different online platforms that allow you to get your dedicated counsellor to solve your queries, help you take admissions, and more. The online education platform is dedicated to easing the journey of students looking to receive online learning.


Online MBA is valued equally like regular MBA. However, what matters in both types of MBA is how effectively you acquired your skills. You can pursue an online MBA with focused learning, understanding, and dedication. Academic, industry, and employers value the online MBA degree. There are various colleges and universities worldwide where you can pursue an online MBA.

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