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7 Pro Tips for Achieving a Sleek, Minimalist Look with Designer Laminates

Interior design has gained huge popularity in the past few years. Earlier, everyone had the idea that interior décor or designing was something which is meant for the rich and upper-class people only. But in recent times, due to the spreading of its awareness and cost-effective décor products, everyone wants to style and design their house in their own way, showing their creativity. In this article, we shall talk about 7 tips for achieving a sleek, minimalist look with designer laminates.

Below are some pointers which shall talk about how to achieve a sleek minimalist look using designer laminates:

  1. Neutral colors – 

The selection of simple neutral colors can uplift the outlook of any room by large. Muted tones, whites, and sometimes grey can add a sense of classy and timeless design to the designer laminates. These color tones can calm the overall essence of the room, giving a clean, minimalistic look.

  1. Design pattern – 

Opt for designs such as insignia, fusion, or elegance to provide a classy yet contemporary look to the room. All these are available easily under Manish Malhotra Laminates by CenturyPly. Geometric shapes or straight lines are the ones that can be suggested, and they provide a simple yet handsome look when used, especially as highlighters, making them stand apart from the rest of the décor items.

  1. Contrast and texture – 

Playing with textures and color contrasts can be of great help in achieving a sleek, minimalist design on the furniture or wall panels. One can go for textures such as stone, wood, or grains of different colors to allow a class look and top them with contrasting colors of various types with subtle notes, which would help in providing a distinguished outlook.

  1. Less decorations – 

A minimalistic look means using less decorative items and still creating a bigger impact. Use designer laminates to provide a natural and beautiful appearance instead of using many different types of home décor items. Do not clutter the space and make it look clumsy. Instead, use classic decorative laminates to ensure the space looks neat and minimalistic with a sophisticated touch of the laminates.

  1. Consistency – 

There should be a well-maintained consistency among the entire space if anyone wants to decorate or change the entire getup. Similar designer laminates can be used in such cases, along with maintaining the colors of the walls or furniture to be of the same color family. Designer laminates can also be used in wall panels or for highlighters, which would bring out a taste of originality in the style pattern and provide an eye-catching beauty for the entire space or room.

  1. Blend laminates with furniture – 

Different types of designer laminates can easily blend with the furniture to ensure the proper look and layout of the space, adding a touch of sleek and minimalistic design. People can easily pair these two up and can find mix-and-match styles by buying wooden furniture of the timeless era and pairing it up with designer laminates to provide a timeless look.

  1. Keep things simple – 

When going for a sleek and minimalistic design, it is of extreme importance to keep things simple. One can easily go for their creativity using intricate patterns, but not too much of that. Maintain a clean and calm tone of the space.

To conclude, achieving a sleek and minimalistic look with designer laminates can be done easily. Designer laminates change the entire outlook of the space through their variety of creativity and make sure that the room looks calm and composed.

Manish Malhotra Laminates by CenturyPly is one of the best designer laminates available on the market, providing a sophisticated look. Check them out now!

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