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Best Wedding Videography Styles For 2023

Have you ever experienced the feeling of being a character in a movie? Think about how you would feel on your wedding day! Wedding videography fills that need.


It's similar to filming the unforgettable parts of your big day with Dallas Wedding Videography so you can watch and cherish it forever.


But there is an issue. There are various types of wedding videography, like various ice cream flavors, and choosing the ideal one can be a bit difficult.


Selecting the appropriate style can help to make your wedding memories even more remarkable because each has its distinctive tastes.


The styles of wedding videography will be introduced to you in this article. Various styles will be analyzed in detail so that you can make the right decision.


You'll have a better understanding of which videography style best suits your preferences after reading this article. Let's get started!

Top Rated Wedding Videography Styles

Following are some of the best styles for your Dallas wedding videography that you can opt for. Please read all of them and choose the ideal one according to your needs.

1 The Cinematic Film

Think of the Cinematic Film as the highlight reel of a specific movie about your wedding day. This film is approximately 5-7 minutes long, yet weddings typically last around 10 hours.


It documents all the significant and emotional moments of your day like a mini-movie.


Various musical selections establish moods throughout the video, giving it a cinematic feel. Since this is so fantastic, most couples opt for it!


Even 5-7 minutes won't be enough to fully portray the story of some weddings because they are so massive and filled with unforgettable moments. Imagine hearing several moving speeches, romantic letters, and unique vows.


Or perhaps you're planning a trip and visiting several locations on your special day. For those kinds of couples, it is recommended to opt for expanded cinematic films.


It lasts about 8 to 10 minutes and is ideal for recording all the extra-special moments.


In other words, the cinematic film can be considered a short, delightful video of your wedding, and many individuals enjoy it.


However, if your wedding day is packed with incredible events, the expanded cinematic film provides extra time to share your extraordinary tale.


The decision to choose which one is best depends entirely upon you. Both are amazing, but only one may be ideal for you!

2 Highlight Film

In Dallas wedding videography, a highlight film can be compared to the necessary item that everyone wants no matter what.


Imagine an item you can't live without. A highlight film is exactly like that.


Some may use a more thorough approach, while a few videographers keep it simple with a montage combined with lively soundtracks.


A professionally created narrative using the most memorable parts of your wedding day makes up the highlight film. There is an excellent and ideal song to go with the mood and style of your wedding.


The vows, speeches, and pictures that have been documented are all brought together by this music.


The highlight film is the kind of short video that you'll want to see repeatedly. Like your all-time favorite music, you can't get enough of it.


You'll probably tell your friends and family about it, and it will continue to be an unforgettable experience that you return to time and time again, reliving the magical experience of your wedding.


But, think of the highlight film as the wedding day's highlight reel, precisely edited with the most memorable moments and music to preserve the spirit of your big day.


Your wedding memories will remain fresh and alive thanks to this short mini-movie.

3 Documentary Style

Like a documentary film captures actual life instead of a planned movie, documentary wedding movies are like a glimpse into the authentic, unscripted events of your big day.


The natural, unfiltered events that occur throughout your wedding are given priority in these videos as opposed to cinematic videos, which emphasize polished looks.


Those that specialize in this kind of videography tell stories visually. They are skilled in capturing the genuine, unposed essence of your wedding.


They allow your day to develop naturally rather than directing events. They expertly blend audio from intimate events, such as your first encounter, with formal ones, such as readings from the ceremony or the officiant's emotional remarks.


Consider it an arrangement of sincere feelings and candid photos to tell the tale of your wedding day.


It's similar to getting lost in a fantastic book where every page discloses an authentic event that draws you deeper into the story.


Essentially, documentary wedding videos present a truthful, accurate depiction of your wedding day.


It's like preserving the heart and soul of your memorable day by catching genuine smiles, tears, and passionate exchanges.


This style can be your best option if you value the beauty of these genuine moments and want to cherish your wedding memories.

4 Storytelling Style

Making your wedding day into a lovely, touching story is what wedding video storytelling entails. Although it's not always the case, this style frequently incorporates voiceover audio to tell the tale of the couple and their wedding.


Some filmmakers utilize text, music, or a combination of these things to produce a video that emphasizes the love story more than the aesthetic or humorous parts of the day.


It's fascinating how cinematic wedding filming and storytelling frequently go hand in hand. Both approaches strive to produce videos that have the feel of stunning, intense mini-movies.


Therefore, you get the best of both worlds: a compelling narrative and magnificent visuals.


The goal of wedding video storytelling is to preserve the essence of your love story and wedding day so that you can watch and share it in the future.


It's similar to making a touching film about your special day and individual journey as a couple. This approach may be ideal for your wedding film if you want your love story to take center stage.

5 Traditional Wedding Videography

The key events of your wedding day are captured in traditional Dallas wedding videography. They focus little on intricate or behind-the-scenes elements and concentrate mainly on the ceremony and celebration.


Videographers who favor this style commonly avoid using cinematic tools like drones and keep their editing simple, favoring handheld cameras for most of their visuals.


The simplicity and genuineness of this style are its primary objectives. It offers a straightforward account of your wedding day, emphasizing the key events without complex narration or artistic flourishes.


The end product is a film that accurately captures your wedding without any further embellishments.


In its basic form, traditional wedding videos provide a timeless and accurate account of your wedding day.


If you value a clear and genuine record of your special day, they are a great option because they capture the key moments naturally and genuinely.


These are some of the best and most common wedding videography styles that you can opt for your special day. You can discuss these with your partner and choose the ideal one for your needs.


One thing that is important to remember here is that each of these styles has its own benefits and unique elements. Therefore, whatever you choose will make your wedding day more special and unforgettable.



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