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8 Super Foods To Increase Productivity

Maintaining energy through the workweek is crucial to ensuring you’re delivering the best quality work you would do at the beginning of the week. You might have heard how the most successful people are always looking for ways to be better mentally and physically, and they are always in the form of exercise, diet and schedules.

If you didn't already know, food has a massive impact on your brain and overall motivation. The right foods are surely good for your looks, but they fuel brainpower, motivation and overall productivity by up to 20%, according to the World Health Organisation. Pair that with good sleep and exercise and you’re unstoppable.

These findings are linked to those who work in offices and other work settings where they may not fill themselves with nutritious dining and snacking options, so it's crucial to incorporate these foods and not fall out of routine. Adding these superfoods to your diet will help boost motivation. 


Salmon or other fatty fish you might like are great ways to help aid your productivity. Because salmon is abundant in omega-3 fatty acids, it can aid with depression, which can be the complete opposite of productivity, and improve memory and mental performance in general.

According to Livestrong, they published an article, “An eight-week study involving 28 patients with major depression found that those taking omega-3s in addition to usual treatment had significantly decreased depression scores compared to those taking placebo and the usual treatment." In summary, this article promotes that eating salmon can help with depression or taking a daily fish oil supplement to get the same result.


Berries and other foods you can find that are high in antioxidants are great little memory boosters, and there is research that they can help with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s later in life. 

Generally speaking, berries that have a darker hue have a higher antioxidant content, which suggests they are more productive berries. You could add some blueberries or raspberries to your granola as a healthy snack during the day.

Mixed Nuts

If you’re ever feeling a bit peckish during the day, you should reach for a mixed bag of nuts for these reasons. 

  • They are an excellent source of protein.

  • Give your body some natural fat it needs.

  • They are an antioxidant, vitamin E, and amino acid-rich food.

  • It increases your memory and brain performance naturally.

Try almonds and walnuts, but a mixed bag will still be just as good.

Green Tea

Something a bit easier to have while you’re sitting down in the office, green tea is a natural energy enhancer without causing any unwanted side effects. You can mix it up with Matcha; this has gained a lot of popularity recently for its slow-releasing caffeine effects, so it maintains a nice boost throughout the day. 

Dark Chocolate

Now I know what you’re thinking—isn't chocolate bad for you? In most cases, yes, but everything in moderation. Dark chocolate gives you the best of both worlds; it satisfies that sweet tooth and can improve your overall focus and mood.

The caffeine content in this sweet treat can give you the little boost you need throughout the day while containing magnesium, which is a natural stress reliever. It's the perfect guilt-free treat; simply break off a quarter and enjoy it.


This site screams veggie or vegan breakfast, and to some, it is just a vessel due to its healthy properties. Avocados stimulate blood flow and keep the brain and heart happy and healthy.

According to WebMD, an avocado a day keeps the doctor away and keeps you motivated. It's another healthy fat you can get creative with, whether it's simply put in a salad or paired with rice and salmon. If you season it correctly, this will be an incredibly easy food to incorporate into your dinners.


While this isn’t food, it deserves an honourable mention. Drinking 2 litres of water a day is crucial for not only feeling good, sleeping well and looking good but also helping with motivation throughout the day. 

Since your body is made up of more than 70% water, every function in the body depends on water, so replacing what's being lost is crucial. This will increase if you’re an active person so ensure to pack your water bottle with your gym leggings every time.

To make things easier, there is a viral product you can put on your bottle called ‘air ups’ I’m not sure about their effectiveness, but it essentially plays on the senses and without adding anything to your water, it will ‘taste’ like your drinking a flavoured juice.


Another easy snack you can leave in the office, bananas are also full of magnesium, which is a natural stress reliever but also full of glucose. Holding the daily amount your body needs is a much healthier way to get it in than adding more carbs. 

It also helps that they are extremely filling, so you can be satisfied until your next meal and focus on the task at hand instead of counting down the minutes until dinner.

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