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5 Ways Lucida Laminates Bring a Touch of Luxury to Your Kitchen.


The kitchen is where all the most cherished memories are made. This anonymous thought is true in every sense as it helps us pave our ways into the people’s heart through their stomachs. This dream could only be brought into reality with a good kitchen that is only equipped with essential appliances but also is aesthetically pleasing.

Enter Lucida Laminates

A dream kitchen can possibly bring beautiful food inventions into reality. This dream could only be fulfilled by CenturyPly's Lucida Laminates. Lucida Kitchen Laminates supply a broad range of sheen laminates with multiple advantages. The eye-catching detailing of the laminates is appropriate in every way to fulfil the needs of the customers and CenturyPly’s Lucida being the perfect choice.

Laminating is essential as it provides you with health and happiness and we need to give it the same amount of care that it gives us. Kitchen surfaces are constantly surrounded by heat, moisture, changing temperatures, liquids and food items that are easily decomposable. These conditions can harm the kitchenware and furnishings and affect safety. To overcome these shortcomings, our kitchens should be neat and tidy and take the first step by laminating the kitchen surfaces by choosing Laminates of CenturyPly’s Lucida.

Why Choose Lucida Laminates?

While discussing Laminates, it is highly recommended to opt for CenturyPly Laminates-Lucida. It gives a premium look to the interiors. In addition to that, it shields the insides from stains and scraped areas. Lucida’s Virokill technology eliminates 99.99% of germs, microorganisms, viruses and bacteria. Lucida’s laminates help by keeping the surfaces and edges safe from diseases. Moreover, these laminates have 90% gloss retention.

The shine of the laminates is maintained even after being in use for many years. Its stain proof property helps in having nil effect on the beauty effect of laminates. Even if they need shifting from one place to another, these laminates won’t develop scratches on their surface. They are also heat resistant and retain colour even after years of use.

Bring a Touch of Luxury to your Kitchen with Lucida Laminates

We discussed its features above on how CenturyPly’s Lucida are long-lasting and durable. But they also don’t fail to fascinate us with their eye-catching designs adding to the luxury and splendidness of the kitchen interiors.

Whether to hold the kitchen’s sparkle or add extravagance, you only trust CenturyLaminates - Lucida. These laminates come in a variety of textures and colours, staying shiny for a longer period. Your everyday activities have no effect on its surface and keep them clean, bright and glossy.

  1. Diverse Options and Reliable:

Panting is now an old method used while renovating the rooms. Laminating the walls could prove to be a better option than painting as they tend to wear off and are less effective than laminates. They are available in different sizes, patterns, colours. Also, you’d be able to choose them in different finishes like wood grain. One would choose the best according to the needs of the kitchen interior and add glamour to the walls.


  1. Uplift the overall appearance of Cabinets:

Laminates also are good to go with the cabinets. Their colour doesn’t age out over time due to excessive use. Cabinets experience heavy traffic. Laminates on cabinets hence can be very useful in that area. Textured laminate designs of lucida can add depth and interest to your kitchen interiors, making it appear more modern and unique. A wood grain or brush metal finish can create a sophisticated and modern look to your kitchen. 


  1. Monochromatic Colour Schemes:

Another top-notch trend setting idea on laminate for kitchen is the monochromatic colour scheme. It involves using various shades of the same colour to create a cohesive and urbane look. Different shades of grey and/or white for the cabinets add a luxurious touch to the kitchen.


  1. Enhanced Kitchen Aesthetics:

Bold looks for modular kitchens go together and excel in unique ways. It can create a dominating effect in your kitchen.


  1. Two-Tone Laminate Option:

Two-tone cabinets give a different look to the kitchen. The two-tone laminate for the kitchen is an exciting idea to opt for. The way to apply it to your cabinets is to choose two different colours for your upper and lower cabinets, creating a stylish look.

In this way, Lucida Laminates adds a touch of luxury to the kitchen. Be sure to check the official website of CenturyPly to learn more.

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