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5 Home décor Essentials You Must Have

Home is our personal space where we live, relax, enjoy, and do everything we want. Home is our personal space; we always look forward to decorating it with the best interiors. The purpose is not to fill your space with furniture and TV recliners but to make it mesmerizing and exquisite enough to please everyone who enters our home, including ourselves. Many people find it difficult to enhance their home décor because they lack ideas and budget. Therefore, we have gathered five essential home décor items that will elevate the aesthetic of your space in an affordable price range. 

Check out the following home décor items that will add a radiant touch to your space! 

We will share ideas to decorate your home by adding the following home décor items. They will surely elevate the overall look of your personal space. 


Mirrors should not be confined to the bedroom and bathroom, for a reflection of ourselves when we get ready. A mirror can add a luminous touch and elevate the aesthetic of any space. Mirrors come in many shapes and sizes with elegant and antique borders and designs. Putting up mirrors in a cluttered way or just one single mirror above the couch or fireplace of the drawing room will make it appear spacious and elegant. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors or small mirrors cluttered on a single wall of the living room will look ravishing and mesmerize your guests. 

You can also add a leaf-shaped mirror on the pillars of any area of your house, they are the latest design of your mirror. Moreover, you can also add mirrors above your bedpost and sink in your bedroom and bathroom respectively. 


A bedside table, an entry table, and a center table without a vase are incomplete. Therefore, fill every corner of your pace with an antique and exclusive flower vase and make it eye-catching for your guests. You can add a large flower vase at the corner of your drawing room and living room and a small one at the center of your bedside and dining table. Moreover, you can clutter your entry table with a small antique or porcelain flower vase. 

The design and color of your flower vase should match or contrast with the overall interior of your home. The best quality of vases is that they speak for itself. It is commonly seen that a white color or a glass vase is in a home that has white walls and light-colored interiors. However, you can alter the decoration as per your preference. 

Table/floor lamps 

Every home décor needs proper lighting and luminesce. Decorating your home with exquisite items and lighting it up with ravishing tables and floor lamps will further enhance its overall look. Hence, add antique, porcelain, wooden, and the latest-design floor and table lamps to the corners of your space for an alluring touch. I would suggest you add a floor lamp with swirls overlapping each other or a ring-shaped one, to make your home interior exclusive, luxurious, and outstanding. 

Table and floor lamps are available in various shapes and designs and you can add the one that complements your home décor. If you wish to add an antique look to your space, you can put porcelain and antique table lamps at your bedroom and drawing room side tables and living room entry table. 

Foam sheets

Interlocking foam sheets serve as an alternative for rugs and mats. They offer a sleek and smooth texture and come in vibrant colors which will further improve the overall appearance of your home. You can put up a colorful one with alphabets and puzzle designs on the floor of your living room if you have kids. They will love playing on it. Moreover, these interlocking foam sheets can fit every size and are easy to clean, remove, and put up whenever you want. 

I would suggest you use interlocking foam sheets rather than rugs and carpets. They will not only complement your aesthetic but will make your sleepover with friends and quality time with kids easier and more convenient, avoiding the hassle of cleaning floors.

Wall clocks 

If you have guests and visitors coming over to your house frequently and you wish to receive endless praise from them, add extraordinary wall clocks to your space. Nowadays, acrylic 3D wall clocks with 3D number, hour, and minute hands are getting popular. Moreover, a 3D frame of the word ‘Home’ has a watch attached to it that will make your home welcoming and cozy. Moreover, putting up wall clocks with crystals, mirrors, glass, and peacock feather design borders will add an enticing and hypnotic touch that is parallel to none. 

Moreover, a 3D gold wall clock with minute and hour hands and a border is best for a minimalistic touch. Metal artwork of various designs surrounding the wall clock is also worth adding to your walls.


These essential home décor items will give a vintage look to your aesthetic, and make you and others fall in love with it. If you want to elevate the appearance of your home design conveniently and economically, add these items to your home interior, and they will do the talking.

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