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How To Kill Bed Bugs: Are Bed Bugs Keeping You Up At Night? Use These Techniques To Heal




What Kills Bed Bugs Instantly? Due to not cleaning the house properly, bed bugs start to appear. These are most commonly found in beds and mattresses. Due to these, the night's sleep gets spoiled.


How To Prevent Bed Bugs Naturally: Due to the changing season, different types of insects start happening in the house, but cockroaches, termites and bed bugs are such insects which can happen anytime. Bedbugs are very annoying.


Bedbugs roaming on the mattress and bed are extremely embarrassing. Bedbugs also bite, due to which it is very itchy. It also smells bad. Can't even sleep the whole night because of bedbugs. In such a situation it is necessary to get rid of them. Today in this article, we will tell you how to get rid of bedbugs from home.


Why Are Bedbugs In The House?


Due to not cleaning the house properly, bedbugs occur. That's why you should clean the whole house thoroughly daily and at least once a week. If there are bedbugs in someone's house, then it can also be in your house from there.


What To Do If There Are Bed Bugs?


·        Bed bugs are the most common, because bed bugs find a place to hide. In such a situation, during the night, they come out in the dark and start biting, due to which the sleep gets disturbed.

·        Rubbing alcohol is a solvent. Rubbing alcohol is used for everything from sanitizing to cleaning. If you have bed bugs, you can also use this alcohol to kill them.

·        You can sprinkle rubbing alcohol on clothing and furniture. When bedbugs come in contact with rubbing alcohol, it dries out the skin of the bedbugs, killing them. You will easily get this alcohol at medical stores in the market.


Does Camphor Drive Away Bedbugs?


Camphor is used in worship. Apart from this, camphor is beneficial to drive away insects from the house. The smell of camphor is also very strong, due to which insects die.


·        To get rid of bed bugs, break 4-5 camphor and make powder.

·        Now add 2 spoons of neem oil to the powder.

·        Mix both the things well, so that it turns into a thick paste.

·        If you want, you can put it in a bottle and sprinkle it on the bed, mattress and sofa.


What To Do To Get Rid Of Bedbugs From Home?


Borax powder can be used to get rid of bed bugs. Sprinkle borax powder on mattresses, beds, cupboards and corners of houses. This powder contains acid, which can kill bedbugs. Alternatively, you can also spray by making a solution of borax powder and water.


How To Eliminate Bedbugs From The Root?


·        Bedbugs get into wooden materials. In such a situation, if there is even a slight crack in the sofa and cupboard in your house, do not forget to fill it.

·        Due to moisture, bed bugs grow in the mattresses. In this case, dry the mattresses in the sun once a week. Bedbugs will run away from the sun.

·        Change the pillow cover frequently. Also, put it in the pillow in the sun, so that the bedbugs growing in it run away.

·        Clean the mattress with a vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming gets things deep clean.

·        Bedbugs stink. Because of this, the whole house starts smelling. To get rid of this smell, you can mix lavender oil with water and sprinkle it all over the house. Your house will start smelling good with this spray.

·        You can use anything from vinegar to baking soda to get rid of bedbugs. Acid is found in these things, which is helpful in killing insects.

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