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How do I buy savings bonds on Treasury Direct?

NOTE: All Savings Bonds are issued electronically; paper bonds are not issued.
You can purchase savings bonds using the Payroll Savings Plan, Buy Direct, or Purchase Express.

The Payroll Savings Plan:
The Payroll Savings Plan feature allows individual primary account holders to make recurring purchases of Series EE and I Electronic Savings Bonds, funded by a payroll allocation and (or ) a direct deposit from your companies.

Note: You must first establish a Payroll Savings Plan in your Treasury Direct account. After setting up your plan, start your payroll and/or direct deposit allocation with your company. Where Is The Serial Number On A Savings Bond?

Here's how to set up your Payroll Deduction Savings Plan:

  • Click the Manage Direct label at the top of the page.
  • Click the Set Up My Payroll Savings Plan link on the Manage Direct page.
  • On the Set Up My Payroll Savings Plan page, your preferred Treasury Direct record appears. To use a different registry for your savings bonds, select one from the dropdown box or add another by clicking “Add New Registry”. (If this is a gifted record, remember to check the "This is a gift" box at the bottom of the Add New Record page.) Once you have created the desired record, you will be returned to the Payroll Savings Plan page you were originally on with the record(s) added to the drop-down box.
  • Select the record you want.
  • Select the Type of product you wish to purchase in the drop-down box. Select the EE Series or the I Series.
  • Enter the amount of the purchase. The purchase amount of a savings bond can be anything from $25 to $10,000. (Note: This is not the amount of your allowance or direct deposit; the amount of your allowance and/or direct deposit is the amount you authorize your company to withhold from each pay.)
  • Review the information contained in the Terms and Conditions.
  • Press “Send”.
  • You will then see the My Payroll Savings Plan Confirmation page.
  • Contact your Payroll Office to complete the necessary authorization for a payroll assignment and/or direct deposit. To begin receiving these credits, provide your Payroll Office with

the following information to schedule direct electronic deposits to your Treasury Direct account:

    1. Treasury Direct routing number 051736158;
    2. Your Treasury Direct account number consists of ten digits, without hyphens, followed by the letter “P” (example: A123456789P);
    3. The amount of your allowance and/or your direct deposit; and
    4. Your Treasury Direct account can be classified as type 22 (checking) or 32 (savings). We will accept either type.

Incoming credits from your Payroll Office will result in the purchase of a zero percent payroll Certificate of Debit (Payroll C of D) within your Treasury Direct account. Each time your Payroll C of D balance reaches your Designated Purchase Amount, a savings bond will be issued.

How to modify an established Savings Plan through payroll deductions? 

If you have already established your Payroll Savings Plan and want to change your registration, product type, or purchase amount, click the Change My Payroll Savings Plan link on the Manage Direct page.

Buy Direct:

  • Click the Buy Direct tag at the top of the page.
  • On the Buy Direct page, select the Savings Bond series and click “Submit”.
  • Under the Record Information heading, select the desired record from the drop-down box. (If the record you want isn't listed, you can create it by clicking “Add New Record”. If it's a gift record, remember to click the “This is a gift” checkbox at the bottom of the Add New page. Once you have created the desired registration, you will be returned to the Buy Direct page where you can select the registration you just created from the drop-down box). Note: Entity accounts can only have one record. All values ​​in an entity's account carry a record identical to the name of the entity's account.
  • Under the Purchase Information heading, enter the Purchase Amount ($25 to $10,000). Note: Electronic Savings Bonds are always purchased at full face value. For example, you pay $50 for a $50 savings bond.
  • Select the source of funds you wish to debit from in the drop-down box. You can decide to use your checking account or your C of D at zero percent. If you have scheduled regular deductions with your business for the zero percent C of D purchase within your account, be sure to select “Zero percent C of D” as the funding source. Note: If you have established a Payroll Savings Plan with Treasury Direct, see the section below titled “The Payroll Savings Plan”.
  • Under the Purchase Frequency heading, the system will use Schedule a one-time purchase for today's date as the default selection.
    • If you want to change it to a future date, simply enter the date you want.
    • If you prefer to set up recurring purchases, select the Schedule Recurring Purchases button and select the frequency from the dropdown box. Then you can enter the start date and the end date for the purchase calendar.
    • If you wish to select your own dates, select the Schedule Purchases button to select your own dates and type each date in the spaces provided. If you want to schedule more than six dates, tap Schedule More. Press “Submit” to continue.
  • The Purchase Review page appears. Please review the information and read the statements at the bottom. (If you want to change any of the data you have entered, press the "Modify" button to return to the previous page where you can make any changes you want). If the information that appears on the Purchase Review page is correct, including the purchase date, click "Submit".
  • You will then see a Confirmation Page listing the details of the purchase, including the date of purchase and the Confirmation Number for each security.
  • Purchase Express. (Not suitable for gift bond purchases!) Purchase Express allows you to use your preferred banking and registry information for quick stock purchases. We explain it below:
  • Click the My Account tab at the top of the page.
  • From Purchase Express on the My Account page, click the Terms and Conditions link to review the Purchase Express terms and conditions.
  • Close the window to return to the My Account page.
  • Select the Type of product you wish to purchase in the drop-down box. When you use Purchase Express, you choose to purchase the next available value of the selected product type. Please note that you cannot schedule recurring purchases or rollovers when using Purchase Express.
  • Enter the amount of the purchase.
  • Please check the certification box to indicate that you agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  • Press “Buy Now”.
  • You will then see the Purchase Express Confirmation page. To view or delete your pending purchase, click the link at the top of the page.

Savings bond purchases are generally issued to your Treasury Direct account within one business day from the date of purchase. If you select a non-business day as your purchase date, we will change it to the next available business day.

How do I redeem savings bonds in my Treasury Direct account?

Note: United States Savings Bonds must be held for a minimum of one year from the date of issue before they are eligible for redemption.

Click the Manage Direct® tab at the top of the page.

  • • Under the Manage My Securities heading, click Redeem Securities.
  • • On the Redemption page, select the button next to the type of security you wish to redeem and click “Submit”.
  • • On the Summary page, check the box next to each security you wish to redeem and click “Select”. You can select up to 50 securities for each redemption transaction.
  • • The process from here varies depending on whether you have selected one or more securities to be redeemed:
    • If more than one security has been selected to be redeemed, you will see the Multiple Redemption Request page. If more than one security is redeemed, the total value must be redeemed at the same financial institution.
    • If only one security was selected to be redeemed, you will see the Redemption Request page. On this page, leave the default button that has been selected, Redeem Total Value, or select the Redeem Partial Value button and enter the desired amount. (Note: in a partial redemption, you must redeem at least $25 and leave $25 worth of the security.)
  • In the drop-down box, select the destination (bank account or C of D) you would like to credit with the deposit.
  • Click “Submit” on the Redemption Request or Multiple Redemption Request page.
  • The Redemption Review page or the Multiple Redemption Review pages then appear. If you need to modify any information, click “Modify” and make the changes. Otherwise, click “Submit”.
  • The Redemption Confirmation page or the Multiple Redemption Confirmation page will appear to indicate that the request is complete. You may print a copy of this page for your records.


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