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Do you want to know what to study to be a hacker?

Through movies, television series and events in the world, most people know about the hacker trade. However, have you ever wondered what to study to be a hacker? Well, this is the question that we will try to solve throughout the article, so that you know if this is what you want to study or what you want to dedicate yourself to.

These professionals are in charge of finding vulnerabilities in the hardware and software of a computer, exploiting these vulnerabilities to gain access to the networks and the information contained in them.

Of course, there are some experts in the field who can carry out attacks with malicious intent, but there are also some (better known as ethical hackers or white hackers) who discover vulnerabilities so they can be fixed before they are maliciously exploited. .

So before you know what to study to be a hacker, our wish is that professionals who have knowledge in this field can act ethically and get opportunities working with different agencies to improve the security and privacy of networks and computer systems.

What to study to be a hacker?

We didn't mention it before, but these people were also known as hackers and their educational backgrounds are quite varied and different.

For this reason, we see that studying to be a hacker at a university is not mandatory, because although some have degrees in computer science, others are self-taught learning from the different web programming languages ​​that exist.

What's more, in recent years, hacker training programs have become another viable option for those who are interested in entering this field. Therefore, there are now several hacker "boot camps" that train other people who have little or no programming experience.

To become a successful hacker you have to build a fairly solid foundation of knowledge and develop exceptional computer programming skills.

Another of the most important areas that these professionals must master is the computer network, so they have to know how they communicate with each other through the Internet and internal networks, and they have to be familiar with the protocols in which the same are built.

Characteristics of a good hacker

If you are interested in knowing what to study to be a hacker, it is important that you are clear about the main characteristics of this character. In this way, you can determine if the work of this professional adapts to what you really like and motivates you.

To begin with, a characteristic of every hacker is curiosity, since no hacker is satisfied with understanding a problem or solving it, but rather he has to go much further and think about future problems and prevent them.

In addition, it is important that the hacker has qualities such as:

      Ability to solve problems and passion for computing.

      A hacker is a person with high computer knowledge and skills to find security flaws in any system.

      Normally, hackers have a taste for logic games and sci-fi hobbies.

      Hackers don't keep hours and most usually work nights.

      They are in constant training and are very curious about technological aspects.

      Curiosity and facility to understand intellectual abstractions.

What career to study to be a Hacker?

To be a hacker it is essential to have high knowledge in computing and programming, for this you can start training with different courses and books that teach you how to hack. In addition, it is also necessary to constantly practice and be up to date with new technologies.

Nowadays, thanks to the internet, you can find a lot of free information that will help you get started in the world of computing. But, also in a sea of ​​information, it is common for us not to know where to start.

If you are interested in knowing what to study to be a hacker, the first thing you should do is master HTML, understand operating systems and handle different programming or hacker languages.

Start in the world of Hacking

To enter the hacker's world you can download an operating system like UNIX. This is perfect for you to learn the fundamentals of the internet, from a system without limitations and open source.

Of course, we can also find other well-known systems such as BSOD or Darwin for MacOs. If in your case you have chosen to use Linux, you can find a large number of options, of which we recommend BackTrack Linux to start learning about basic hacking.

Learn HTML

This may seem very basic to you, but if you investigate in depth what to study to be a hacker, we see that the fundamental knowledge is to master HTML. To do this, you can train through courses, tutorials or books.

Learn programming languages

The first thing that you must be clear about when it comes to finding out what to study to be a hacker, is that it is essential to know how to master essential programming languages. In general, the programming languages ​​most used by professional hackers are:




On the other hand, if you want to work in UNIX, it is necessary that you learn about PHP, this language will make it much easier for you to master the C language.

The work and work of an ethical hacker

An ethical hacker, as we mentioned before, is a cybersecurity expert who uses his knowledge and skills legally and for the benefit of organizations. Therefore, you can find the vulnerabilities within the systems and fix them, forming part of the business cybersecurity strategy.

Its most common task is to perform penetration tests, that is, to test how vulnerable business systems are to a computer attack. The main difference between this professional and some other malicious software is that the White hacker penetrates a system legally with the authorization of the organization contracting a service.

But, if you want to know what to study to be a hacker, we recommend that you start your programming career in a basic way. Also, mastering other tools can be really useful if you want to dedicate yourself to this field.

Obviously, there are many other tools or methods for testing the security of enterprise networks. Said knowledge is equally valued by companies when contacting or requesting the services of a hacker to help them improve their security systems.

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