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How to write a condolence letter?

With the intention of showing empathy at such a painful time for families who are going through grief, the strategy of using a condolence letter is a good ally.

We have created a detailed article so that you can hit the correct wording of an expression of respect like this, in addition, we will teach you how to direct it according to the religious beliefs of each family in order to achieve a positive effect.

Continue reading and learn everything you need to know to prepare condolence letters with the protocol expected by families in the middle of bereavement.

What is a condolence letter?

It is a message that seeks to provide emotional support to family members who experience a loss, they are lines full of support, memories and respect that are intended to provide comfort whenever they need it.

These letters can be a challenge for the one who writes them and at the same time, if done correctly, they can be a comfort to the person who receives them.

When is it necessary to write a letter of condolence?

These letters are a mechanism of expression that help to release the feelings of pain that are experienced in a loss and at the same time emotionally comfort the person who lives with the condolences.

You may consider using a condolence letter when you feel a special closeness to the deceased person or their family members, so you can offer real emotional support to those you respect and miss.

There is no script for when this tool should or should not be used, whenever it is considered necessary to express feelings, it is valid to apply a letter of condolences.

We know that it can be a bit difficult to find the right words to get through this moment, for this reason we want to share some ideas with you.

Formal condolence letter

The intention of condolence notes is to offer support to the family through an empathic connection to the situation. We all know what it's like to go through a hard time of loss, identifying with it and expressing feelings will be the key to achieving a good writing.

In the case of formal condolences, which are mostly used by companies that seek to show their interest in the events of their team, it is common to have a respect protocol that is based on:

      Cordial greetings: The formal condolence letter begins with the definition to whom it is addressed, it is considered whether it is sent to the whole family or to a specific person.

      Condolence line with sincere identification: Within these texts it is best to be honest, emotional and precise. "We are sorry for your loss" "We are moved by your loss" "We send you our most sincere condolences" These are some of the ideal phrases to start the letter.

      Define the connection: When this type of letter is written, there is a real intention, a sincere feeling that connects them through pain, making that emotion evident is the key to the success of the note. Whether or not the deceased person was known, it is important to highlight what you believe made the person special with their loved one. For example, “Although we did not know your husband, we know of all the traveling adventures you shared together and the love that united you. We hope that the same love comforts you in these hard days.”

      Offer of help or support: The death of a loved one leaves chaos behind, the intention of a condolence letter is to offer support to the distraught family. If it is possible to comply, a clear offer can be made. For example, “We consider that the most appropriate thing is that you take a week off, we hope to see you back soon.”

Formal condolence letters have an elegant body that tries to connect despite not having such a close relationship with the loss situation, however, they are quite comforting for the person who receives it, the support they have is highlighted and they are They offer additional strength to overcome the duel.

Condolence letter to a coworker

Work relationships, after years of living together, become a friendship. It is possible to share sincere feelings as well as to know the lifestyle of each other. When you experience a loss, the emptiness in the workplace feels like it's part of everyone.

At this point it becomes very useful to write a note that expresses feelings and shows support. It applies both to co-workers who suffer the loss or to the family of a co-worker who passes away.

Depending on the case, the emotional connection of the note will vary, as well as the sincere identification with the deceased.

An example note would be:

“Dear Sandra Vega.

I am very sorry for your loss. I met John a couple of years ago and he always seemed like a very determined man, his jokes brightened up my days within the routine at the office. He told me how attentive you were to him and that is why I trust that your love and dedication to him will accompany you on these days of pain.

I keep you in my prayers that you find comfort.

Gabriel Hernandez.”

Letter of condolences for the death of a child

The pain experienced by the loss of a child is incomparable, parents can go through an inconsolable duel for that reason, good words will always be appreciated and will play an important part in creating the strength that is required to face the duel.

The identification between parents in the situation allows for more sincere texts, as well as the fact of having created a bond as from teacher to student that makes the right words to be written.

In these letters it is imperative that the connection with the deceased is mentioned, it is also recommended that you connect with the entire close family in order to connect with the brothers.

The example we have for a letter in this situation is:

“Dear Camila, José and Lucas:

We knew Lorena through our daughter Jimena, they went to the ballet together. We are very sorry for your loss.

We noticed Lorena's vibrant energy from the first day of friendship, with her friendly smile she kept the joy in practice. We know that you are a united and special family that offers love to those around you, so we trust that your love will keep you together.

They have our support, this Sunday we will take care of the food for the family. We pray that your family will be sustained by comfort.

With love. Sofia and Manuel.

How to offer condolences to a Catholic family?

Knowing the religious current of the family is important to succeed in the message of condolence that you want to offer. If you know a Catholic family we recommend the following:

      God bless you.

      May the mercy of God grant you the strength you need at this time.

      We are going to pray for his soul so that God receives him.

      We pray for his eternal rest.

      We pray that God helps his soul to rest in peace.

      All of these messages help families identify with your sincere wishes about their grief.

How to write a Christian condolence note?

Condolence letters can be drafted with the same connection and identification procedure while addressing according to the religion of the deceased's family. A special closure supported by religious beliefs will achieve a superior connection that gives the mourners peace of mind.

In the case of Christian condolences we can recommend phrases such as:

      Keep in mind Jesus Christ, we know that he will give you strength to overcome this pain.

      We trust that he is in heaven, at peace, with our Lord Jesus.

      We pray that you enjoy eternity next to Jesus.

      I will keep you in my prayers so that our Lord Jesus Christ gives you the strength you need in these moments of pain.

Letter of condolences for the death of a mother

The pain that is lived after the loss of a mother requires all the possible support to overcome it, the connection that unites her with her family and friends is evident and should be startled in the lines of a letter of condolences.

Whether or not you knew the deceased, it is important to highlight that connection that you evidenced between the mourners.

Trusting in the power of empathy, you can continue the model from the beginning and apply slight changes according to the level of connection that you feel is appropriate.

Condolence letter to a friend

When we see a grieving friend, our natural intention is to encourage him. The affection and respect that friendship leaves us allows us to empathize with the situation he is going through, whether we know his loved ones or not.

It is important to maintain a level of respect and elegance to find the right phrases, it is not always ideal to lift your spirits but rather to accompany those we love in that mourning transition.

Admit your relationship with the deceased, remember that it made him special and offer your sincere support in your words so that you will have a proper note of condolences.

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