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How to Clean Silicone Tattoo Skin?

Silicone skins have become very popular among tattoo artists, makeup artists, eyebrow designers and other professionals. Because of its low price and high quality, it can be a good practice tool for beginners. Before actually facing the skin of customers, you may need Practice hundreds of times to achieve the best results. The use of silicone practice skins is the greatest respect and guarantee for you and customers at the same time.

However, there is a doubt that people usually have about how to take care of these silicone skins.

These objects are very delicate and require special care, but if taken care of in the right way, they have great durability and cost benefit.

Siliconetattoo skin are objects of good quality and finish, but like all objects, they need good care and cleaning.

Otherwise it may have wrinkled, cracked and other problems before use. Even when you want to use it multiple times, it may affect your practice process.

To make the silicone skin last longer, it cannot be immersed in water. It should be washed carefully with a cloth and neutral soap. If you need extra care, the right thing is to seek help with white vinegar, but all procedures must be done with great care and attention and in small amounts of products.

These silicone skins must be washed with clean running water and must be dried very well after washing.

By cleaning and taking good care of the silicone skin, it will have an even greater quality and durability. This can save you a lot of unnecessary expenses

Silicone skins are highly sensitive objects and therefore care must be taken not to act abruptly with them.

These objects are similar to human skin and help tattoo artists and designers train their designs before making them directly on human skin.

There are several types of them but all must be highly cared for and well cleaned.

These silicone covers are in A4 format, that is, the size of a conventional sheet of paper. They are quite versatile: they are used both for tattoo training and for eyebrow training, body designs, facials or makeup in general.

Some models are more aimed at eyebrow professionals. Eyebrows are the mold of the look, the facial expression and that's why it's so important to know how to fill and shape them. For that, it takes a lot of training and dedication and with these fake skins, professionals in the area have the possibility of more training.

There are some models that are more aimed at professionals who want to train tattooing.

The responsibility of a tattoo artist is very big, because he will make a drawing on the people he will stay with forever and that's why it's very important to train a lot.

Whether it's a new design or when a professional wants to improve or innovate one that is already part of their catalogue.

These silicone skins are true helpers for these professionals in this learning and improvement process.

Silicone skins even have custom sizes. Manufacturers have sought to innovate and offer their customers the possibility of having size options of the most varied types.

So the professional does not have to limit himself to the proposed sizes and place an order according to his needs. Newtop Rubber can customize any size silicone practice skins you want.

Another fundamental factor for the cleaning and care of the product is knowing how it is manufactured and understanding how the liquid silicone for molds process for molds works:

Usually they work with silicone injection to have a better finish and fill the part. It is a very detailed process and goes through several curing machines to give a good finish to the molds and, finally, to obtain a product with a good finish and quality material.

A good finish and curing process is critical to the durability and quality of silicone skins.

A determining factor to use silicone skins in the right way too, is to pay attention to their handling: Use carefully, without crushing or folding in a rough way.Having a good understanding of how the garment was made and practicing washing it correctly, silicone skins tend to have great durability.

The above products are all from Newtop Rubber, a very conscientious manufacturer of silicone rubber products. It will be a pity if you miss it. Because Newtop Rubber provides the best silicone molds and silicone products to customers from all over the world.I think that it will definitely be your best choice. Don’t hesitate!

I believe you already know How to Clean Silicone Tattoo Skin, and know several high-quality practice Tattoo Skin. Hope this helps you make you a better tattoo artist, makeup artist, eyebrow designer and other professionals.

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