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SIM-Based Call Management CRM – Why the Future of Outbound Call Management Is Mobile CRM

Tired of checking business updates with an outbound call center that is outsourced?

What if you have the power to transform a mobile phone into a call center in just a matter of minutes?

Yes, you heard it right!

Gone are the days when companies were searching for a separate Call Center CRM to pitch their products and services because Mobile Call Management CRMs are starting to rule the space.

Let us take you for a short ride, peeping into why an outbound sale is looking into mobile CRM today.

What is SIM-Based Call Management CRM?

SIM-based call management CRM is an easy-to-use and straightforward–to–manage CRM application for all businesses to seamlessly manage their outbound sales and tele-calling processes.

Earlier, businesses relied on a massive setup with laptops, desktops, servers, diallers, and cloud telephonic systems. The setup of these systems is cracking the pockets of businesses. 

The arrival of mobile CRM for outbound sales revolutionized the entire system, and businesses have already transformed into Mobile Call Management Systems.

The Future Of Outbound Call Management Is Mobile CRM – Here is why?

Converting the potential leads as your customers is a crucial part of any business. Connecting with the leads at the right time without any roadblocks helps achieve the target. Companies that realize this fact are succeeding rapidly, and companies that don’t are left struggling with old solutions.

When it comes to building connections with clients, companies majorly have three options:

  1. Cloud telephonic systems
  2. Calling from the old-styled excel sheets and entering data
  3. Switching to SIM-based Call Management

Cloud telephonic systems

  • Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP doesn’t require any SIM card to manage calls as they host SIM cards on their servers.
  • Most of the time, when your executive place a call, receives a call from the server, and the client receives another call and ends up getting disconnected while merging.
  • This is an expensive option and old-styled. It has benefits like IVR, number masking, and recording facility on cloud servers, but the cons outweigh its benefits.
  • The service is more costly than any other option for outbound sales.
  • Very difficult if your company is on remote work culture
  • It doesn’t have any CRM to manage everything in one place.
  • High chances of spamming
  • Most of the server calls are going under DND, which may lead to huge penalties if the client raises the compliant.

Excel sheet model

  • Calling from the data entered in the excel sheets and entering the remarks in the same takes more time for your executives.
  • It involves the dependency on one or more devices. Like they need to enter the data on a laptop or desktop in excel, and later, they should switch back to mobile for calling.
  • The data might need to be more accurate during the juggling and back-to-back calls.
  • The overall performance and analytics may be complex and precise.
  • Zero tracking of executive’s performance and poor reports
  • Generates high costs

SIM-based call management CRM

  • Mobile CRM for outbound sales is affordable though it is power-packed with many features.
  • It offers an advanced caller ID that gives a summary of the calls.
  • It helps in checking the overall executive performance with the live status of the team. Hence easy to manage remote outbound calling teams.
  • Seamless call recording with follow-up and call-back notifications to sales teams
  • Easy to get real-time performance analytics
  • Simple to integrate with top applications like WhatsApp, Google Calendar, and more
  • Highly affordable for start-ups to enterprises.

Summing it up

Numerous possibilities, efficient features, a simplified interface, affordability, and flexibility made SIM-based calling management applications the future of inbound sales management today. If you are searching for the best SIM-based Call management app and want to turn your mobile into a call center CRM, it’s time to connect with the most reliable and trusted mobile CRM app.

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