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Top Reasons Driving Interior Design in Los Angeles

L.A. is one of the world capitals of fashion and style. So, interior design Los Angeles is a hot topic, particularly when it concerns homes and businesses. If you’ve ever wondered how interior designers come up with their concepts, one of the best predictors of oncoming trends is what’s going on in the world around you.

While L.A. has long been a hotbed of the industry of Los Angeles interior designers, things have changed quite a bit over the years. Style goes through phases and what’s hot in interior design is a direct reflection of that. Here are some of the trends currently impacting the landscape of interior design in Los Angeles.


Virtual development and reality are undeniable and have taken a stronghold in many professions. Interior design is definitely one of those. The housing market is full of smart homes, appliances, and even furniture. So, it’s a natural development that interior design would increasingly embrace technological advancements.

Keep in mind that many people have turned living spaces into home offices. This further incorporates technology. Virtual devices dominate office spaces. As more of the workforce has turned to telecommuting, threading online access into design has become more than convenient. It has also become necessary.

People quickly become accustomed to what they get used to using. So, if a cultivated space includes voice-controlled features that make living easier, consumers will want it. Interior design is all about helping to create livable spaces that are provocative, yet comfortable. Technology is proving to be a formidable part of designing these kinds of spaces.


Interior design is also largely driven by need. During the past few years, that need has grown and catapulted interior design into one of the top fields of employment in the U.S. During an unforeseen and unprecedented time, people all over the world were forced to deal with their residences and businesses in ways they never had to before. That led to some new ways to approach interior design.

In fact, interior designers ended up being unsung heroes for many (and still continue to be). Some of the benefits that interior design affords include:

  • Increased functionality of living and working spaces.
  • Optimization of available space.
  • Increased quality of living.

These benefits were of great help during a difficult time and L.A. was one of the epicenters that had to navigate those rough waters more than other areas. However, it also left a resounding lesson that interior design born of necessity serves a powerful purpose — despite the surrounding circumstances.

Environmental Changes

Environmental shifts that are driven by climatic fluctuations are also a driving force of interior design. Between the growing number of wildfires, mudslides, and polarizing temperature changes, homes and businesses need different approaches to how their interior spaces are designed.

People want to feel safe and want the places that they spend time in to offer a degree of predictability, especially when the outside world cannot. So, cultivated spaces that correspond to comfort are increasingly important to the world of interior design.

Real Estate

Another issue driving current interior design trends is real estate. The number of people coming and going from the Los Angeles metropolitan area has been fluctuating for years. While statistics show that more people are leaving than moving to L.A., the people that are flocking to the city have financial resources that many people do not.

One of the things that people coming to L.A. with disposable income want is top-quality products and design. If people can afford it and are willing to pay for it, they’re likely going to get it. This is very much a truth in the world of interior design.

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