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Break The Shackles Of Prison Labor

Prison is considered a place where people get counseled for their actions and bring about changes in their nature and behavior. But, prisons in the USA have become thieves profiteering from the prisoners. Tagged for ages yet receiving no acknowledgment for the excellent behavior and obedience behind bars reflects in the health and faces of the prisoners. The prison has been profiteering from their labor and work, and they get paid in pennies.

Indeed, they are charged a hefty amount even for a 15-minute call to their family. Even if they have to send an email to their loved ones, they must abide by the book of costing laws set by the authorities.

The authorities with powers do not consider these prisoners' rights. To top it all, they've been profiteering from the service and work done by the prisoners. Many prisoners need money from their families to survive behind bars. Prison labor has deteriorated the lives of many prisoners and their families.

However, several organizations have come to help such prisoners and mitigate their issues behind bars. Fighting for the rights of prison labor victims would eventually help promote and strive for the protection of fundamental freedom at the national and international levels.

 Please look at some of these programs' crucial roles.

·      Offering Direct Assistance

Helping prisoners is the objective of these organizations. They aim to help people to realize their value and also get by day to day.

They work to achieve social and economic rights for victims of human rights violations. They ensure that the requests are protected by the book of law while ensuring that legal advocacy or advice is presented.

In this case, if the victims are in prison, these sites and their operators take a long-term view and develop a seamless idea for rectifying the violation. They formulate and present the case in such a way so that no such incident reoccurs in the future.

·      Accumulating Information With Transparency

The activists often pull up the perpetrators of injustice to uphold the nation's fundamentals. They collect and aggregate all the information about the policies applicable to prison labor that is swept under the rug, thus, holding them accountable. They also attempt to pressure authorities by focusing on the issue.

Light Money brings attention to the act of prison profiteering conducted by the authorities. They shed light on such activities and help take stern action to fight their abuses. They help to report abuses faced by prisoners in the USA.

·      Outlining a Road Map for Campaigning and Lobbying

The activists adopt different campaigns and lobbying practices, which work in favor of the victims. One such practice is the letter-writing method, which has helped to gain traction in dealing with the issues faced by the prisoners. They contact the officials and the concerned authorities with letters that allow them to realize the severity of the situation.

Other methods these activists can undertake are street demonstrations, which draw the media's attention and present the issue in front of all. The government's shame is the last thing that the politicians want; hence they take immediate action against the perpetrators.

Indeed, the media plays a significant role in lobbying practices. With the increasing social media platform usage, more people engage with the issues.

·      Realizing, Education, Awareness

It is vital to mobilize support in particular instances to get a rapid and effective solution for the issue. Thus the activists bring about public awareness and educational work as well. It would eventually help to weed out the problem hence improving the human rights environment. The core emphasis is to bring in as many people as possible so that the issue is resolved immediately.

The activities fight against the denial of economic and social rights. The structural form of discrimination can be easily uprooted by helping the victims realize their rights. They would then take a stand for themselves and be vocal about their problems at every stage of life.

Ending Note

The destruction caused by the inhumane acts of people in power delves deep into the minds of the victim, and it may take ages for them to overcome those injuries. At times their actions could be beyond repair, and hence immediate action is required so that no other person is adversely affected.

The prisoners are indebted to the burden of the crime they committed, but sometimes the treatment of inmates constitutes even more injustice.

Prison labor is one such heinous act where the prisoners are exploited. People are reluctant to heed prisoners' grievances, but Light Money has been working tirelessly to expose any violation of human rights that occur in prisons.

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