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Mistakes to Avoid While Making Your Research Poster

As an academic writer, you have to write a lot of academic work. Once you have written your work, you need to present it as well. There are several ways that can help in the presenting of your work. You can present your work in an oral presentation, or through live performances. You can present your work in written manuscripts. But there is another way to present your work as well. It is that of poster presentation. Research poster is the visual representation of your work. Most research conferences consider this medium of your work’s presentation. In this type of work presentation, an author will summarise his/her work.

A research poster will include a brief text along with tables, graphs, and pictures. A researcher should follow the format of a research poster’s presentation. With the help of a poster, a researcher will visualise his/her research work at a conference. You should create your research poster according to the instructions provided. If you’re unfamiliar with the research proposal criteria, you should learn about it. It will help you in avoiding the research poster mistakes. This article aims to discuss how to avoid research poster mistakes. Let’s discuss these in detail;

You Should Avoid the Addition of Too Much Text

One of the major mistakes in a research poster is adding too much text. When you’re making a research poster, you should avoid adding too much text. If you add too much text, it will look like a story, or book. The prime purpose of a research poster is to highlight your research work. It does this through the aspect of visualisation. It will help you in explaining your research with the help of images, and text. You can consider different designs for your research poster as well. It will help you in showing your research work to many people at the same time. So you should definitely avoid the use of too much text within your research poster. Apart from this, you can consider breaking the text into different parts. It will help you in conveying the message in a short, but concise way.

Selection of Bad Text

According to a dissertation writing service, another mistake that writers make while drafting a research poster is the selection of bad text. You might know for sure how much time you want the readers to engage people with your poster. So you should make sure to explain your research work through short texts. But you should also explain to them your idea behind the research’s purpose as well. You should not explain the real story of research. If you share the idea with them, it will develop their interest. If you manage to develop their interest, they will ask you questions that you can answer. You should ensure two, or three things when you’re selecting words for your research poster. But you should not use the exact words of your research work within the poster. You can add an abstract to your poster as well. This will help the conference attendees in grasping associated background information.

Formatting Mistakes

Another mistake here that you should avoid is that of formatting mistakes. When you’re making a poster, you should go through the guidelines. There are two types of people who are reading your poster. There may be people who’ll have close access to your poster. These are the people who will read the poster in the best way possible. But there will also be people who won’t be within close proximity of the poster. These people might find difficulty while reading it. So you should ensure that your research poster is equipped with the appropriate font sizes, and styles. Apart from this, you should make sure that the background picture is not distracting either. If it’s too distracting, people may face difficulty in understanding the poster’s key purpose. You should be careful while choosing a theme for your poster. You should also use a 15pt size for body text, and a 24pt for headers.

No Images

Another major mistake in a research poster is failure regarding images’ inclusion. You should make sure to add images within your poster to better explain the text. Apart from this, it will help you in developing the readers’ interest in your poster. But you should make sure that you’re not overstating, or adding images. The prime purpose of images is to emphasise. If you overstate anything, you will end up emphasising nothing. You should ensure the addition of an eye-catching image as well. It will help you in grabbing everyone’s attention. If someone shows interest, more and more people will reach for your research poster. But for this you should make sure that your images are not distracting them. You should make sure that these images are not affecting the text colour either.

Inclusion of Bright Colours

This is another major mistake that people make while drafting the research poster. Most of the time, people end up adding bright colours to their research posters. When they add bright colours, it badly affects the text. People may find it hard to read your poster because of these bright colours. You should add dark colours instead. This will help you in making the text of your poster more visible. Apart from this, you should choose colours according to the images. If the colour, and images are not making sense, you won’t be able to visualise your research poster. You should avoid making a colour mistake. The selection of proper colours is also important for attracting the target audience. You should develop a relevance between the colours and images as well. It will also help you in targeting your audience, and for conveying your message.


Academic work presentation can be any of the three major types. It can be an oral, written, or a visual means for submitting, or explaining your work. A research poster is a visual type for presenting your research work. You may commit several mistakes when you’re making a research poster. This article discussed five major research poster mistakes. It also explained how you should avoid them. If you avoid these mistakes, you will be able to meet your research, and poster goal as well.

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