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Artificial Intelligence Is a Great Gift to The Gaming Industry


Video games are all about fun, creativity, and engagement, and artificial intelligence can be the same. Video games have been evolving since the introduction of the computer, and the gaming market is expected to be worth $200 billion by 2023. Without a doubt, AI will be a key factor in making video games more realistic and entertaining in the future.

Ai solutions and Self-learning artificial intelligence (also known as Weak AI or Strong AI) is a technology that allows computers to adaptively improve with experience. Ai has become increasingly useful in a variety of applications, which include movie and television character behavior, chatbots, translators, autonomous vehicles, stock market forecasts, high-frequency trading, e-mail spam filtering and search engines.

Artificial intelligence in the video game industry

We will discuss all of that in this in the next few minutes. If a user stops playing a former favourite video game, then it's probably because it has gotten too boring and that the player lacks a new experience. Therefore, video games are changing fast. That is the reason why any training game only lasts a year or two without updating regularly.

Because updated content and fascinating gameplay are two of the most essential features that users demand. There is no way to create such a dynamic gaming experience than by using AI. Implementing AI in video games could go a long way for better user engagement and a fresh gameplay experience. AI solution can help create games that remain interesting after playing them for months or even years.

How artificial intelligence plays important role in 3D games.

With artificial intelligence, it can provide a personalized user experience to each user based on their gameplay. Imagine playing against an AI character that can learn your tricks and tendencies to predict your moves. That would be interesting. AI can potentially replace the need for a multiplayer experience as users can enjoy similar gameplay in their own time. Moreover, we have all been frustrated with video games.

Game developers can leverage artificial intelligence in the back end to understand the difficulties that users face and can ensure that no player is stuck at a particular stage.

Similarly, AI can evaluate if any area of a game needs to be more difficult for an exciting challenge. Such a personal experience for each gamer can change the way video games work.

A game's understanding of your moves and foreseeing the following actions is one part of a realistic engagement.

Furthermore, AI is the best character that can act as an intelligent sidekick that would share some tips and recommendations to help the users throughout the game. An ait member can be your best companion in the video game to warn you in advance and also to mock you once in a while, just like your best friend.

All this combined with realistic 3D visualisation and physics simulation can create an unparalleled gaming experience. AI will eventually change video games across all platforms, from consoles to mobile phones.

However, such a development will not be easy for Game Development and developers, but considering the common interest in the domain, we will experience some breakthroughs shortly. Video games using AI are not a new concept. To name one of the initiatives, Wolfenstein 3D used AI back in 1992, where finite state machine algorithms would allow characters to respond, particularly for each situation. It was an early adoption, which explains the simplicity.

Furthermore, for complex games and more intelligent ai bots, the monte Carlo search tree algorithm was introduced. Such an algorithm allows the bot to be calculative of risk associated with any actions. To put it simply, a bot can evaluate possible moves and analyse all possible counters from the player, allowing it to select a profitable and low-risk move. Imagine playing a strategy game against the computer that is two steps ahead of you. creative assembly's alien isolation is one of the remarkable examples.

How AI can contribute to video games by creating unpredictability and excitement in this game.

There are two AI systems in place.

The first one directs the alien's presence around the user based on the user's stress level. It detects the user's stress level by exposure to aliens and, in case of higher stress levels, it directs the aliens away from the player.

Secondly, AI drives the way the aliens react with the help of a behavioural tree. These trees allow aliens to determine the next action to perform based on the present situation. Furthermore, aliens can also learn more and more based on the user's actions.

Furthermore, aliens can also hear different levels of noise based on the user's activities, creating a realistic hearing and finding gameplay. Combined, these methods get rid of predictability and boring gameplay. While finished state machines or behavioural trees have been here longer, neural networks will slowly have their impact on the video game industry.

With neural networks, the game can learn what to do instead of performing a hard-coded action. Also, neural networks can be helpful to understand a real-world pattern or predict in video games.

Implementing neural networks in a video game is challenging considering several difficulties, including controlling the bot behaviour, debugging or replicating a situation, as well as the need for extensive performance hardware resources.

AI is slowly paving its way into the gaming industry. It will help create better engagement, participation, and satisfying experiences for the user, who would love a game that grows itself along with a player.

If you combined AI with augmented reality or virtual reality, as well as real-world physics simulation, you would have a perfect gaming experience for users who wouldn't want to try it. AI characters might even surprise human partners and become your favourite choice to play video games with.


Have you ever wanted to create a game, but didn't know where to start? That's not surprising, creating a game isn't easy, but it could be easier. Here you will find information about game development services, and learn everything about games and AI.

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