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10 Tips To Marking Jewelry Pop In A Wedding Photoshoot

Having The Perfect Wedding Dress That Suits Your Style, And Character Is Important. So, Is Choosing The Right Details For The Big Day. An Engagement Ring, A Wedding Band, Or Earrings That Complement A Wedding Dress’s Neckline Deserve Their Own Moment In The Spotlight.

When You’re Planning Your Wedding Photoshoot, Make Sure A Photographer Snaps Photos Of The Dazzling Jewelry You’re Wearing. And If You’re Wondering How To Make It Stand Out, Here Are Ten Tips You Should Consider.

Do Not

 Forget To Get Your Nails Done

The Condition Of Your Nails Is Going To Be The Key In Making An Engagement Ring Or A Wedding Ring Pop. Now, This Doesn’t Mean You Have To Get Acrylic Nails Or Anything That’s Out Of Your Comfort Zone. But Some Basic Nail Care Is A Must. Make Sure You Exfoliate To Remove Dead Skin, Trim Cuticles And Nails Carefully, And Apply Moisturizer. And There You Go! And If You’re Up For It, You Can Have Your Manicure Done At A Beauty Salon.

Clean Jewelry

Although This Sounds Like An Obvious Tip, Consider Cleaning Your Jewelry For It To Shine In Photos. This Especially Applies To Your Engagement Ring, Which You’ve Probably Been Wearing For A Couple Of Months. The Shine Can Diminish Slightly Over Time, So Polish It A Bit Before Your Photoshoot.

Find Good Lighting

Photographing Jewelry Can Be Challenging Because It’s Highly Reflective. Therefore, Taking Into Account Lighting Can Make A World Of Difference. Going Outside And Using Natural Light Is Going To Add Magic To Your Photos. Ideally, A Photographer Will Take Pictures During The Golden Hour. The Soft, Warm Color From The Sun Perfectly Complements The Jewelry.

However, In Winter, There Isn’t Much Natural Light. But You Can Then Have A Photoshoot Inside And Use Some Candles, Or Holiday Lights To Create Romantic Lighting. The Abstract Bokeh Effect You Get From The Lights Serves As A Perfect Setting For A Ring Shoot.

Keep Low IOS

Most Photographers Tend To Keep IOS Low When They Take Photos Of Jewelry. They Do This To Avoid Graininess That Particularly Affects Rings And Makes Them Blurry. To Get Those Crisp Photos, ISO Should Be Somewhere Between 100 And 600.

Find The Right Background

Whether Your Wedding Photoshoot Is Outside, Or In Your House, Make Sure There Aren’t Too Many Things In The Background. Cluttered Space Will Shift Focus From Your Wedding Jewelry. A Clean Background Will Make Any Gem Pop.

And If You Want To Have A Photoshoot In Front Of A Famous Sight, Ensure That The Background Is Blurred To Make A Wedding Band The Focal Point Of The Photo.

Get A Macro Lens

To Take Those Gorgeous Photos Showing Every Detail Of A Wedding Ring, You Need A Macro Lens. They Capture The Intricacies Of Wedding Jewelry. By Using This Lens, You Can Magnify All The Reflections And Get Super Tight Shots. And Although Purchasing A Macro Lens Is Quite An Investment, You’ll Be Able To Create Those Jaw-Dropping Photos Of Your Wedding Jewels.

Use A Wedding Invitation As A Background

A Very Creative Yet Unique Way To Make A Wedding Ring Pop Is To Incorporate Other Details, Such As A Wedding Invitation. This Is Especially Easy To Do If The Photoshoot Is Happening In A Bridal Room. Look Around And See If There Are Any Ribbons Or Flower Petals To Play With Texture And Color.

Incorporate A Wedding Bouquet

Brides Love When Photographers Incorporate Other Features Of Their Wedding. Why Not Use A Wedding Bouquet As A Backdrop For A Ring? Or Better Yet, Place It Inside Of A Flower To Get Some Depth. Since There Can Be Too Much Contrast, You Can Use A Bounce Card To Make A Ring Sparkle Even More.

Take Advantage Of The Details

Some Wedding Rings Have Engravings. These Are Quite Small Details, But They Have A Special Meaning To A Couple. By Using A Wide Aperture, The Focus Is On The Meaningful Inscription While The Background Is Blurred.

Tying The Rings

Is There A Better Way To Make Your Gem Pop Than The Moment Of Tying Rings? The Delicate Movement Of Hands Will Create An Emotional Photo Every Couple Will Love. The Photographer Has To Work Quickly, But The Way They Capture A Ring Will Always Be Memorable.

What Are Your Ideas?

We Hope This Article Helped You Get Some Ideas On How To Make Jewelry Pop In A Wedding Photoshoot. Whether You Choose To Incorporate Other Details Of Your Wedding Day Into The Photoshoot Or Decide To Play With The Lighting And Equipment, Make Sure You Snap Some Breath-Taking Photos Of Your Gems.

Do You Have Any Other Ideas? We Always Love Hearing Them, And Who Knows, Maybe You’ll Inspire Other Couples And Photographers To Take Beautiful Photos Of Their Jewelry.

Meta Description: Jewelry Is An Important Part Of A Wedding Day And It Should Pop In A Wedding Photoshoot. Because Of That, We’ve Gathered Ten Tips To Help You Out.

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