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Pros and Cons of Limestone Floor Tiles

You always want your homes to be the right fit when you make big decisions like this. It’s important to think about what you want to do in a certain space before adding limestone floor tiles. The limestone tiles are timeless beauty, and they add much grace and finesse to your overall living pattern. Furthermore, if you want to give a sophisticated look to your home, then you should select limestone floor tiles.

Pros of Limestone Floor-

Limestone tile consists of numerous benefits. Here are a few of them. So, you can make the best choice when you’re renovating your home. Have a look.

  • Affordable:

If you make a comparison to other natural stones, like marble and granite, this is a lot less expensive than those. There are a lot of different prices for limestone tiles if you’re looking around the market for them, too. You do not have to shell out an excess amount when you go for getting limestone tiles.

It is more difficult to keep clean because it is easy to get dirty. That is why it is less expensive. However, a lot of people choose this type for a lot of different reasons.

  • Durability & Quality:

Because limestone floor tiles have a lot of minerals in them, they are very strong and have quality in them. This type of natural stone flooring lasts a long time, especially if you take proper care of it. Limestone floor tiles can last for a long time if properly sealed and looked after.

  • Unique Beauty:

There are beautiful, natural textures to tiles made of limestone because they are formed from minerals that have been on the earth’s surface for a lot of years. However, you can utilize limestone floor tiles both inside and outside your house. It will give a beautiful and elegant look to any space. The limestone floors have a timeless appeal of their own, they impart both finesse and a fine texture to your living space. And they also give better benefits when compared to porcelain floors.

Cons of Limestone Floor Tiles-

With regards to damage, nothing is flawless. Which is fine if you operate within its limitations. 

Afterwards, let’s look at a few of the main problems with Limestone floors tiles:

  • High Maintenance:

Limestone tiles are harder to implement and maintain than other types of service. You’ll likely need to hire a professional to install your floor, but some tiles are easier for an expert DIYer to work with. Also, you need to clean it regularly to save it from stain. Moreover, you have to be very cautious when you clean it so that you don’t scratch the surface.

  • Weight of Tiles:

There are a lot of weights in the tiles, particularly if they are bigger. Limestone is a very heavy material, and so are the tiles. They should be treated with care so that they don’t fall, get chipped, or crack when dropped. But this doesn’t change how useful, beautiful, or functional they are.

  • Fragile:

Limestone floor tile is cheaper in comparison to other natural stones like marble. However, it is also more prone to breaking down. There aren’t many people who use bathrooms, so it can usually handle the limited traffic. Lastly, you’ll still need to be very careful when you install heavy things in them.


However, you can easily find several types of natural stones in the market. Moreover, you cannot find any other durable and affordable stone than the limestone floor tiles. These floors are versatile and require very little maintenance over time. You can simply use a mop and a cleaner to clean the floors with the best detergent that is available. Liquid soaps are also good for cleaning these floors, and you should avoid using harsh chemicals.

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