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Things to Consider When Renting Luxury Cars


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You have already planned the perfect, picturesque getaway on a luxury real-estate property up in the mountains, but you feel as though you are missing something vital.

If you want to travel in relative comfort and style or simply enjoy the sheer pleasure of driving a luxury car, there are car rental companies that can make your dream ride a reality without burning a hole in your pocket.

Before renting a luxury car, knowing what to look for can save you time and money and make the ride more enjoyable. Here's a helpful guide on what to expect on luxury car rentals.

Luxury Car Rentals: 7 Points to Consider

1. Conduct research

First, decide whether you want to be chauffeured or drive the car yourself. Then, make sure that you are renting from a reputable company with a good track record. Read customer reviews before booking the car, and before confirming the booking, inquire about the total cost to compare rental rates. Lastly, make a reservation to secure the vehicle before you arrive at your destination.

2. Ask for a model guarantee

Make sure you get the exact luxury car model you want. Check to see if the model is guaranteed.

3. Consider the size of your baggage

Having a lot of luggage for your trip is normal. However, space in luxury cars is frequently limited. If you cannot pack light, it's best to plan, know the car's exact specifications, and whether or not your baggage fits inside. Alternatively, you could plan your trip as a loop, returning to the same hotel where larger bags can be stored.

4. Keep an eye on the included mileage

Consider the total mileage you'll need on your trip before renting a luxury car to avoid costly surprises. The included mileage is frequently limited to a daily maximum of 150 km.

5. Know your coverage

The deposit for a luxury car varies greatly depending on the make and model and is usually a reservation made on the renter's credit card. Check your private travel insurance to reduce your risk. Many insurance policies cover rental cars, though this is sometimes limited to a certain amount. Check with the credit card company to see if the included travel insurance covers expenses for potential damage.

6. Listen to your handover agent

Unless you have the same car in your garage, you should always listen carefully to the short briefing by your car rental agent regarding your luxury car rental. You might miss out on a fancy feature that you can try. It's also useful to know how to open the fuel cap.

7. Give it a thorough once-over before and after rental

Examine the vehicle carefully to ensure that it is free of dents and other flaws. Cars are frequently turned around quickly, and even the most meticulous inspector can overlook a detail.

To avoid ambiguities when returning the car, do a thorough walk-around and inspect it for any pre-existing damage. In general, make a note of all scratches, dents, and marks on the check-out form of your car rental contract.

Keep an eye out for rim damage, which is one of the most common problems with any car rental. Take a photo of each rim (and the entire car) to ensure you have a time-stamped photo and proof for any omissions.

After you have used it, carefully examine it again so you would not be held liable for any damage that you did not cause. Avoid being in a hurry to return the car, and make sure to get a signature to prove everything is in order and you arrived on time.

Final Tips

Driving a luxury car improves the quality of any trip, but one must always drive responsibly and safely.

The more luxurious the car, the higher the stakes. So, if you want to keep your rating with car rental agencies high, plan your routes ahead of time and take a different course if the road conditions are poor to avoid unnecessary damage to the car and deductions from your deposit.

In essence, plan, drive safely, and most importantly- enjoy!

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