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The 5 Best Chair Modifications You Didn't Know Was Possible!

You would probably treat your chair as your best friend. You can sit and relax in your chair while talking with your friend or merely watching movies and TV shows. Whether at home or office, you want to have a chair that will not cause you back pain.

Chairs for sale turn out dull and ordinary. Did you know that you can modify your chair so that it can give you relaxation while sitting? Turn your standard chair into a comfortable one to sit and cradle.

Easy Modification Tips

Adding a Cushion

Chairs for sale in the market usually lack cushions that make your seat comfy. For those who spend long hours at their desks in a chair that does not provide supportive and pleasant padding, you can add a cushion to your chair.

Likewise, it would be best also if you provide a seat cushion to your accent chairs. This will give you comfort while sitting on your accent chairs.

Put on a Lumbar Pillow

A common problem people experience when sitting on chairs is having their lumbar region of the back adequately supported, which can be difficult. This is the area of the back that is found below the rib cage. A substantial amount of body weight is exerted on it; hence it requires a solid basis.

Some chairs for sale are now built to provide lumbar support, which is very convenient. However, most of them lack lumbar support causing back pain.

To your advantage, you can purchase it individually. Alternatively, you might buy a high-quality, full-size back cushion to use.

If you don't want to spend anything, you can use DIY lumbar support. You can use a blanket to do the task. Simply tuck it behind your back until you find it comfortable to sit.

Using an Armrest Pad

For a more comfortable seat, your arm should rest in a comfortable position, too. Most of the chairs for sale don't have a soft armrest. You can have your chair re-upholstered and get. Finally, if your office chair's armrests are becoming uncomfortably tight, consider re-upholstering them. The armrests of lower-priced chairs are sometimes made of plastic or are too short of providing enough support for your entire forearms.

The weight of your arms accounts for approximately 10% of the total body weight. If you carry a lot of weight and sit on a hard surface, like you see on the chairs for sale, it will undoubtedly make you feel uncomfortable.

There are many different kinds of armrest pads available on the market. You can just cover over the present armrests of your chairs for sale to either make them softer or lengthened to support their entire forearms in various situations.

A nice armrest pad may instantly transform the armrests of your chairs for sale from being uncomfortable to being similar to those found on more expensive executive seats.

Add a footrest

Like the arms, your feet should also step in a comfortable position. If your chair is high, your feet will not reach the floor. It is tough to relax your back and spine if your feet are hanging on the floor.

You can add a footrest or contact any shop that can make a footrest for you to sit comfortably.

If you worry about spending, you can use a box or anything else available at home to put your feet on while sitting on your chair.

Put a pillow or cushion at the back of the chair

If you happen to purchase chairs for sale that are too big for you, the edge of the chair will hit the back of your legs. This will strain your legs. The best thing to do is put a pillow at your back to give you enough clearance for a more comfy seat.

You can customize your pillow and choose a fabric that would match your chairs.


Chairs for sale usually come in dull colors. You can customize the fabric and have your chair-upholstered to compliment the design of your house.

Aside from the five modifications mentioned above, you can also make your chair livelier by choosing the best fabric to use when re-upholstering. There are many fabric shops to choose from that will suit best your office chairs and accent chairs at home.

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