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Launch an App like Glovo and Grow Your Business Swiftly


On-demand economy is the newest trend in the world now. Customers want to get their products and services delivered quickly with just a few clicks on their smartphones. Glovo is an all-in-one delivery app that kickstarted its operations in Barcelona in 2015. Today, the startup functions across 26 countries based on the concept of “Quick Commerce”. Importantly, the Glovo platform will hire 2000 new riders for instant delivery in Spain. This indicates its aggressive expansion plans.

Hence, entrepreneurs aiming to enter the lucrative industry of product delivery (alcohol, flowers, food items, groceries, and medicines) can establish a Glovo clone app. They can tie up with a credible app development company for creating user-friendly Android and iOS apps, an admin dashboard, and a web panel. This will ensure 360-degree control over their business activities.

What are the notable features of a Glovo Clone App?

Glovo Business Software – It acts as a one-stop solution for enterprises offering delivery services to users. They can use options like live tracking of current orders and upcoming orders, multi-pickup and delivery points, and scheduled dispatch.

Corporate companies selling various goods get advantages such as access to digital invoices, distance-based pricing, and 24×7 technical support. Entrepreneurs should also provide insurance against damage or theft to the products.

Glovo Prime – Entrepreneurs can grab a huge customer base by introducing a monthly subscription plan. Users get several benefits like an automatic renew option, extra cashback, discounts, flexible cancellation of subscriptions, free and unlimited delivery of products.

GDPR compliant – Owners of an app like Glovo should follow the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), 2016. Customers across the European Economic Area (EEA) will be assured of confidentiality and privacy related to their personal information.

Moreover, an app development company will ensure that the Glovo clone app complies with the GDPR law. This would lead to greater trust in the minds of customers who utilize on-demand delivery services.

Top Retail Outlets section – It contains a detailed list of liquor shops, pharmacies, restaurants, and supermarkets. Generally, users can mention their Delivery Address for ensuring accurate search results. Later, customers can check out the available discounts, expected delivery time, menu and name of the food or healthcare outlets, and ratings.

Delivery Executive dashboard – Entrepreneurs can have a good relationship with delivery personnel by offering them quick onboarding options. Likewise, the logistics executives should share information like their city of residence, email address, name, phone number, and vehicle (bike, car, and cycle).

The admin of the app like Glovo will approve their profile after verifying their background and submitted data. Accordingly, the delivery personnel will know their daily earnings depending on the number of orders, and reviews received from customers.

PCI DSS Adherence – Safe storage of financial information of customers is an important part to consider for every business organization. Hence, an app development company will follow the rules issued by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) as part of Data Security Standards (DSS). Further, merchants and online sellers registered on the Glovo clone should keep in mind certain precautions while processing credit card payments of users.

A Rating and Review System – Entrepreneurs can allow retail business partners to seamlessly interact with their customers via an online feedback system. For instance, e-pharmacies and restaurants can directly respond to the ratings and reviews given by users. Therefore, they can handle complaints and other grievances.

Store Partners Panel – Brick-and-Mortar groceries, eateries, and medical shops can register on the Glovo clone app and boost their sales. They will benefit from brand management tools, greater profits, and repeat orders by customers.

All the retail outlets on an app like Glovo can flexibly control the dispatch of their orders. They can opt for daily delivery of products for 1 year, instant delivery within 30 minutes, and 24 hours order fulfilment.

What is the cost of Glovo Clone App Development?

The budget of creating an app like Glovo depends on numerous facets. It depends on the hourly/ weekly salaries paid to the mobile app developers, the level of customization demanded by entrepreneurs, the nature of basic and premium features, the time allocated, and the type of frameworks and technologies used.

Further, an app development company will not leave entrepreneurs in the lurch post the deployment of their Glovo clone solution. They can use additional services like the addition of payment gateways, API integration, digital marketing, issuing software updates, maintenance of the functioning of the mobile apps, and technical assistance.

How can entrepreneurs grow rapidly with the Glovo clone app?

Initially, techpreneurs can consider focusing on a specific market depending on their business plans. For instance, Glovo is successful by operating in big cities in a few countries. The on-demand delivery platform has aggressively expanded its business operations by hiring an army of delivery executives and partnering with more retail outlets.

Another strategy that entrepreneurs can follow is to acquire other competitors in the industry. Glovo did exactly that by purchasing 3 brands of Delivery Hero, an European food delivery company in May 2021. This has helped the Spain-origin startup to control the Central and Eastern Europe markets. It will now dominate several cities in Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, and Serbia.

Owners of an app like Glovo need to concentrate on aspects like long-term sustainability rather than short-term consolidation. They should balance their objectives between growth and profits.

“Multi-category” offerings through A-Z product delivery services are the biggest reason for Glovo’s success. They also have high economies of scale by operating numerous pickup and delivery points for quick order fulfilment.

Wrapping Up

Above all, Glovo is far ahead of its competitors in both European and Sub-Saharan African markets. Furthermore, the Barcelona-based platform will have to follow the regulations of various governments regarding the condition of gig workers.

For instance in Spain, a new law has been passed where companies like Glovo have to recognize every worker as a full-time employee. They can no longer treat them as freelance delivery executives or independent contractors. Eventually, logistics personnel would receive more powers and rights through these impactful legislations.

Moreover, Glovo will continue its super-fast food and grocery delivery services by operating Dark Stores. Customers would benefit from the in-app convenience store shopping experience.

Hence, entrepreneurs can take a step forward and come out with a Glovo clone app. They can use the game-changing on-demand delivery solution and increase their margins in no time.

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