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Can You Keep Parts when Scrapping Your Vehicle?

People often want to get rid of their old cars and they sell them off for good prices. However, not all cars are drivable or sellable in most cases. A common problem that you might have to face while selling a non-drivable car is that it does not usually sell at a good price. These kinds of cars generally go for a much lower price than normal cars. An easy way to deal with this is to reach out to professional car removal services like Acres Cash for Cars. They are equipped to deal with totalled or crashed cars and helping you get a reasonable price for the damaged car.

They are a high demand service when it comes to asking questions like “Can you keep parts when scrapping your vehicle?” as they can help you sell your car off and keep the parts if you want. To further elaborate on this point, we will have to go through some other questions in more detail, so let us begin now.

Why Should You Keep Your Vehicle Parts?

The first question that might pop into your mind is why you should keep your vehicle parts.There are various reasons for this, for instance, you might have upgraded some car parts recently which makes them more precious. You can keep the newly upgraded parts for using them in your next vehicle or selling them separately.

Can You Keep Your Number Plate?

If you are someone who has a unique number plate then you should consider keeping it. It is not difficult to hold on to your vehicle parts after scrapping them as all you will need to do is apply for DVLA. After getting your DVLA, you can retain your desired plate number. The process is brief and will only cost you up to 80 pounds which makes it worth the investment. You can also add this fee price when you sell your vehicle with the unique number in future.

What to Do Before Removing Car Parts?

You should always visit your local junk car removing services before you sell your car off to a junkyard. These services will help you determine which parts of your car you should keep. They will also help you determine which parts should be removed and which ones should be kept intact. You should reach out to Acres Cash for Cars if you want to ensure the best outcomes from your car part salvaging.

Is It Important To Inform The DVLA?

We suggest informing the DVLA authorities when you take out parts from your vehicle. You can name your vehicle as a SORN (stationary off road notification) vehicle if you want to ensure that you do things via the proper channel. It will also help you get a refund of tax money for the remaining months from the year and let you store your car off-road in the remaining time. You can easily sell your car for a good price, off once this whole process has been completed.

Will You Be Charged Anything For Keeping Your Car Parts?

Luckily, you do not have to pay anything extra if you want to keep your car parts. The only fee that you might have to pay is DVLA mentioned above which gives you the liberty to sell your car in any way you want.

Do I Need To Cancel My Insurance Before I Scrap The Car?

Another concern that most people have before scrapping their cars is regarding the insurance policy that the car might have. We suggest reaching out to your insurance company and notifying them regarding this problem timely. You should also focus on going through your insurance policy once more if you want to avoid any problems in the future. There are a few other factors that you should consider in advance including whether your car is parked or stored in a place.

It is crucial to understand that the car is your responsibility until the scrap company comes and collects your vehicle from the designated place. Therefore, it is illegal to keep a vehicle (even if immobile) without having a proper insurance policy for it.


With that said, you can surely keep your vehicle parts if you fulfil the requirement of the process. You should certainly keep all these things in mind if you visit a junkyard or a car removal service like Acres Cash for Cars to get the best deals on your scrap vehicles.  

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