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Impact of Digital marketing on the modern world after Covid-19 pandemic

Digital Marketing has been an ever-increasing domain for over the years now. In this digital era, when everything was already going online, the outbreak of Covid 19 made the process more speedy. The online presence of businesses has become a necessity than a luxury post-Covid-19 era.

The outbreak of Covid 19 upended the fate of many businesses including Digital Marketing. Due to the health factors associated with Covid 19, consumer behavior has tilted more towards online buying.

Since Consumer behavior has shifted towards online. The online presence of stores and businesses can increase their returns on online advertisements. It can boost their online sales and enhance their brand value. With ever-increasing online business, Digital Marketing online courses will be witnessing a hike never before.

How Covid 19 affected Small Businesses

When everybody was at home trying to avoid the covid virus, the businesses which had digital footprints made a fortune. Online Businesses like Amazon reached skyrocketing sales inkling the importance of digital marketing. On the other hand, those who weren't online suffered huge losses.

Post-Covid 19 also social behaviors have turned towards less interaction mode forcing the business to turn online. With all this digital push, the importance of Digital Marketing is increasing profoundly in modern times.

Digital Marketing is the one-stop solution for brands and businesses to make an online presence. Whether one wants to drive traffic through social media, PPC advertising, or generate leads for sales, Digital Marketing has become the resolution. With all the small businesses going online, Digital Marketers are going to make a fate.

Digital Marketing- The Window of New Opportunity for Modern businesses

The Internet is the new home to entertainment, commerce, and communication. Since it has become a platform where both a buyer and a seller are available, it has become a great business platform.

Due to digital marketing without spending a chunk of money on Marketing, now businesses can target audiences through specific ads.

Even the results of Pay per Click campaigns via Digital Marketing bring Results almost immediately making it a profitable venture for a new business.

People spend more time online now than ever before the Covid pandemic. Almost 76% of internet users aged between 16 to 64 have started spending more time on their smartphones post-Covid 19 pandemics.

Digital marketing is expected to grow at 20% to reach a market size of 18k core by 2021 end. With a low-Cost click's Digital campaign, Digital Marketing has become a great Return on Investment.

Impact of Digital Marketing on Modern Businesses After covid 19

The increasing domain of Social Media Marketing:

Due to the uptick in the social media users post covid 19 period, the scope of Social Media marketing has increased. Brands want to connect with their customers through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc paving way for Digital Marketing preponderance.

Increased Demand for Video Content

With the behavioral shift of users towards video content, brands need to not only create video content but also target video sharing platforms like YouTube to increase business. All this can be done through digital marketing paving the way for digital marketers to build more creative marketing strategies.

The surge in Demand for Over the Top (OTT) Content Hubs:

Even after the pandemic, there is a continuous surge in the viewership of OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon and Hotstar Etc. This surge has created ample opportunities for digital marketers to leverage these OTT domains to generate leads and sales for their clients and businesses.

Various Tools of Digital Marketing Impacting Modern Business

The various effective tools of digital marketing have upsurge the sales of many businesses in no time. Few effective Digital Marketing tools are:

·        SEO

·        Social Media Marketing ( helps brands establishing brand value & generating sales over social media)

·        Video Marketing (helps businesses to make use of video content to promote products)

·        E-Mail Marketing ( helps brands to target customers via email marketing)

·        Mobile Marketing ( helps businesses to optimize mobile-friendly websites to target mobile users)

·        Affiliate Marketing ( helps businesses to create affiliate channels to generate more sales)

·        Influencer Marketing ( helps businesses to promote their products via influencers like YouTubers, Tiktokers & Social Media Famous people)

Future of Digital Marketing on modern World

Businesses are coming online and establishing social engagement and creating brand values. However, with increased social presence would come more competitive marketing strategies. The current marketing strategies would need to be updated on regular basis to retain the customer base.

Maintaining Engagement on Social Media:

Brands would need to work persistently on engaging their potential customers on social media. Just, having the online presence won't be sufficient, new digital marketing strategies, along with a creative Ads network, would be required.

Maintaining Online Reputation:

Brands can't commit online mistakes on their social platforms, maintaining an online reputation would be required. Hence, creative digital marketing strategies would be needed to not only maintain but also increase online trust.

Managing Web traffic:

Maintaining landing pages and quality web traffic would be highly important for a business to sustain itself online. So, digital marketing would need to engage users continuously for an infinite period.

Rise of New Digital Tools like AI-Based Chatbots

Digital Marketing is a developing marketing strategy that involves constant upgradation. For businesses to make fortune online they would need to upgrade their digital marketing strategies. With the increasing AI-Based Technology like AI chat Bots, businesses can improve user experience and grow their business.

Conclusion- The Dominance of Digital Marketing to Continue

Digital Marketing has become the heart and soul of marketing for businesses. And, post-pandemic it has become a compulsory requirement for businesses to grow online.

Digital Marketing offers all the handy tools to not only grow a business but also to sustain the customer base for infinite time.

The Digital Marketing Industry is going to witness growth years after years with huge dominance. It is the new hand tool for businesses to reach potential customers. And, rightly so, it is the new lifeline of businesses.

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