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What is keto eating and is it really effective?

What is Keto Eating? This is the question of many readers when recently when the keto method has gradually become popular, many people have applied and appreciated it. In this article, MEDLATEC will give detailed answers to readers about this Japanese diet and related information.

1. What is the Keto diet?

A lot of people still don't know what keto is . Keto is the Japanese name for a low-carbohydrate and high-fat Japanese diet whose full name is Ketogenic. A special feature of this diet is that there is no need to abstain from excess because the body is always in a state of burning energy.

The advantage of this diet is to provide ample energy to the brain because the pancreas converts fat into ketones better.

In addition, people with blood sugar problems improve significantly with this diet.

2. How many keto diets are there?

The keto method does not have only one type, it is divided into four main categories:

2.1. The standard keto diet

This is an easy keto diet that many people appreciate for its positive effects. 

The content of nutrients in the keto diet are: 

  • Carb: 5%.

  • Protein: 20%.

  • Fat: 75%.

2.2. The rotating keto diet

Here, the performers do not fix the amount of Carbohydrate in the body in each meal of each day but change the rotation. For example, in 1 week, there will be 5 days you follow a low carbohydrate diet, the other 2 days increase your carbohydrate intake more. This rotation prevents the body from being "accustomed" to a low carbohidrate state and maintains a high energy burning ability for the body.

Rotating diets are often adopted by people with weight loss needs.

2.3. The Protein-Enhanced Keto Diet

The nutrient content of this diet is as follows:

  • Carb: 5%.

  • Fat: 60%.

  • Protein: 30%.

Thus, compared to the standard diet, this diet reduced the fat content and increased the protein content.

2.4. The Keto-Targeted Diet

This keto diet is built for you during your exercise, and the regular keto diet does not meet your body's requirements. Therefore, the application needs to add more Carb in the allowable level.

If you are not familiar with these keto diets, you should follow the standard keto regime and the high-protein keto diet, which is simple and highly effective.

3. What is the effect of eating a Keto diet?

In recent times, the Keto diet is a keyword that many people mention and search for. There are also many of you have been using Keto diet, bringing good effects to your health. Among many sources of information shared from many people, it is difficult to know the exact effects that eating keto brings?

3.1. Help to lose weight safely

The menu to lose weight, easy to apply, highly effective is the criteria for many people to seek. Then the Keto menu is the right choice for weight loss or effectively limiting the risk of weight gain. 

Compared with the normal low-fat diet for weight loss, Keto dishes only reduce the amount of Carb, making the performer feel full and full for longer. So you usually do not have to control calories in each meal too closely, cravings also decrease.

Not only good for the spirit, but the weight loss effectiveness of the Keto diet will surprise you. 

Triglycerides and good fats in vegetable oils also help improve blood cholesterol effectively, prevent obesity and high cholesterol-related diseases.

3.2. Helps prevent diabetes

Diabetes is caused by a disorder of metabolism, which causes high blood sugar levels and impaired insulin function. The keto diet helps to burn body energy better, sugar and fat are used more efficiently, thus reducing the risk of diabetes, prediabetes and other metabolic effects.

According to the research results, the Keto diet increases insulin sensitivity by up to 75%, so people can lose 11.1 kg instead of just 6.9kg if following a diet high in carbohydrates and up to 95%. , 2% of people who eat keto can reduce or completely stop diabetes medicine.

3.3. Support for brain dysfunction

This information is very beneficial for young children having problems with brain function disorders and epilepsy . Research has shown that the Keto diet helps these children reduce the number of seizures by more than 50%, of which 16% stop the disease completely. Other disorders such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's are also significantly improved if followed this Japanese diet.

The reason is explained by the brain using a large amount of energy to function, taken mainly from Glucose. Glucose is supplied a lot from food, is metabolized and transported to the areas where cells need to use it. When you don't eat any carbohydrates, your liver is responsible for the production of Glucose from Protein.

Not only does it take glucose, but the majority of the brain also burns Ketone when starving or when carbohydrate intake is low. This is the state that the keto diet gives the practitioner.

Thus, this article has explained in detail what keto eating is , the effects of eating keto on health and goals for weight loss, weight maintenance, and improved brain health and function. If you're looking forward to these goals, try a keto diet and see how it works.

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