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Online Learning for Children During the Pandemic

When the pandemic started, many learning institutions had to close down to protect and safeguard students of all ages against the threat of the virus. Distance learning or online classes were administered as an alternative, convenient for both the students and the instructors.

How does an online early learning centre conduct programs? 

Pre-recorded videos and one to one video call sessions for effective interaction; are the efforts of every learning institution. Every program is carefully adjusted to consider a child's attention span and ability to understand each lesson. But what are the benefits of online learning? If you're interested to know here are some benefits for you and your children:

1. Time flexibility - For parents that work at home and doing house chores, online learning is a good distraction for your kids. You can pick their schedules, whichever is more convenient for you.

2. Cheaper costs - Travelling costs to learning centres can be very expensive, and it is such a hassle as well to commute with your child. So, online learning saves you trouble and money.

3. Better documentation methods - Their assignments and learning materials are sent to them in soft copies. Therefore, you can download them and closely monitor their progress. You can even make them answer it twice to check their level of mastery.

4. Personalized attention and better interaction - Every child has different preferences on how they can be approached. Instructors are heavily taking note of this. In administering one to one video call sessions, instructors also ensure interaction and make the learning fun for them. Considering the attention span of a child and they might get bored easily if they make it too technical.

Through online learning, you can closely control and check their academic development. You can even lend help for their schoolwork. Won't it be very ideal? If you are now interested in enrolling your child in an online early learning centre, here are some tips on how you can scout the best one:

1. Check the programs that they offer - Of course, programs are age-based, but if you wish to specifically choose for other core learnings such as arithmetic math, reading, etc., it is best that you browse their programs regarding this to gauge what best suits your child.

2. What is their medium of learning? - Do you opt to have pre-recorded videos rather than one to one video call sessions or both? It is also important for you to check if their mode of learning is entertaining or visually fun for your child.

3. Program and schedule flexibility - This is where the institution-parent negotiation would start. You need to check if they are flexible to you and your child’s schedule. Not too early and not too late as well.

To sum up everything, learning shouldn't be hindered by staying at home. If we look into the brighter side, this is actually advantageous and beneficial on both ends. This also allows parents to bond and check their children's growth, holistically and academically. Because early learning doesn't just improve and develop your child's intellect; it helps them grow and learn the core values that they would carry for their entire life. Children's growth and development happens very fast, so it is essential, as a parent that you see these changes as well.

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