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Top 5 Beautiful Great Retreats and Resorts

A well-planned retreat at a vacation resort could be just what you need with busy professional and family lives. Retreats and resorts have become extremely popular, and the options for travelers are now many. Easily accessible information is online about retreats and resorts with specific destination sites that can help you make the right decision about what kind of retreats and resorts are best for you.

1. Thematic Retreats And Resorts:

- Some retreats and resorts have stylized packages for both short and long stays, and these packages are often based on a theme. From Thailand to Mexico and local destinations such as California, the type of retreats and resorts available to you are limited only by the theme that would make the retreat most enjoyable for you. If you need cheap flight tickets, then visits Delta Airlines Tickets to save you hard money and time.

- If you are looking for pure pampering, a spa retreat and Resort could be the best option. If you are interested in health and wellness, an eco-retreat or a cleansing diet retreat at a secluded resort may be better options. If you are traveling alone, a singles retreat is an excellent way to get away and meet some new people. Retreats and resorts based on professions, like writers retreat at individual resorts, also attract singles as these types of occasions are an excellent way to network in a relaxed environment with people from all over the world who may likely have the same interests as you.

2. Spa Retreats And Resorts:

- If you hope for a quick weekend getaway for a spa retreat at a quality resort, a national location might be something to explore. Retreats and resorts such as those found at Utah’s Green Valley Spa and Resort,, or the Westlake Village Four Seasons Resort in California, have several different packages geared towards relaxation.

- The Westlake Village California Four Seasons Luxury spa uses age-old therapies for both men and women. It works with the California Health and Longevity Institute to ensure that any activities you participate in are suitable for your health. Here you receive not only pampering but also expert advice on health and well being from medical professionals. The spa is indoor and outdoor, with both individual and group programs tailored to fit your specific needs. Packages at the Four Seasons can range anywhere from basic $400 programs to $5000 itineraries, guaranteeing you more extensive and long-term treatments. Simultaneously, the Green Valley Spa and Resort may have special seasonal rates as low as $295.

3. Eco Retreats And Resorts:

- Hawaii is known for its peace and serenity, as well as its respect for nature. The Kalani Oceanside Retreat, located in the Hawaiian tropics, embodies all these elements. Unlike some retreats and resorts, the Kalani Oceanside Retreat helps you detach from the everyday world. It means no televisions, no cellular communication, or any other gadgets that may detract your attention from complete relaxation.

- Guests have different options for accommodations, from economical to luxurious, from tree houses to lodges. The Kalani hosts guests at introductory nightly rates where you can choose additional features for a fee or all-inclusive spa packages. A popular choice for Kalani guests is the All-inclusive Yoga Vacation package, where there is an array of workshops such as Yoga teacher training, Priya Yoga, or Tantra.

4. Caribbean Retreats:

- You will not be disappointed by the Caribbean retreats and resorts in Jamaica. The lush green of the island and the blue seas and skies are a recipe for pure relaxation. Jake’s Resort offerr various retreat deals aside from their spa packages both in Jamaica and the Bahamas.

- If you’ve had too much relaxation, Jake’s Resorts also specializes in retreats tailored for business professionals and conference groups. This way, you enjoy the serenity of the Caribbean mountains while having the benefit of being productive. What better way to give your mental muscles a healthy workout and stimulate some creative ideas? For more information on these retreats and resorts, visit

5. Cleansing Food Retreats:

- If you fancy something a little more off the beaten track, try the exotic Chiva-Som Spa in Thailand. Chiva-Som is considered a world-renowned luxury spa, and its primary goal is to provide holistic care for each client. The spa is located just over 100 miles away from the intensely populated region of Bangkok.

- The retreat package services at the Chiva-Som are all priced equally. It means that if you do decide to engage in one of the Chiva-Som retreats and resorts, any package that you choose is explicitly based on your needs and what you will enjoy rather than the cost. Pricing does vary depending on the type of accommodation you choose, the time of year you go, and the number of nights you stay at Chiva-Som. Information on Chiva-Som can be found at

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