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Hop on the Apps and Shop

The 21st century is undoubtedly the most effortless. This era will be incomplete if we don't mention the landmark of this decade, Technology. The rapid rise of Technology's use and development has made our lives easier and hassle-free. A single click in our cell phones unlocks the doors of buying our favorite dresses, applying for desirable jobs, acquiring information, and imbibing various habits. Ever since the world of online shopping introduced in the market, it has completely transformed the ways of purchasing our daily needs. Online platforms provide us with the option of buying clothes, electronics, cosmetics, groceries, and many other trivial things by sitting at home. Shopping online saves precious time and money. It eliminates the struggle of finding a particular product and swinging by from one shop to another. Let me not squander your time. I will directly provide you with a list of best shopping applications:

Amazon: It wouldn't be wrong if I say Amazon is everybody's "go-to" app. It has more than 17 crore original products. It has covered almost everything around us: apparel, electronics, beauty, health, sports, games, and movies. Benefits of using Amazon:

·       Their worldwide reach makes the app feasible for us.

·       Fast delivery

·       A reasonable rate of products 

(Reminder: Save money by using Amazon India promotional code)

2.    AliExpress: AliExpress is undoubtedly one of the largest online stores in China, having a vast range of brands and millions of products at low prices. The new fashion wearables to the vintage-looking chaise lounge for your house have made sure it hasn't left anything. From electronics, beauty, and healthcare products to home appliances, bags shoes, they have it all in their treasure. Let me tell you the advantages of AliExpress: 

·       Keep your eyeballs hooked while shopping.

·       A diverse variety of products

·       Excellent Customer support service.

3.    Myntra: I don't think there is anybody without this application on their mobile phones. They have around 5 lakh products and thousands of brands of clothing, accessories, footwear, and many more. They are known for their high- quality products and the right price. Mentioned below is a list of advantages of Myntra:

·       Variety of clothing

·       Effortless return policy

·       The fair price of products

4.    AJIO: Ajio is among the top shopping sites for clothes. They have an incredible collection of jeans, t-shirts, dresses, jewelry, bags and many more things. They have a variety and a massive selection of international brands. Every product is of excellent quality, and AJIO focusses a lot on customer satisfaction.). Let me walk you through the merits of using AJIO:

·       Your AJIO wallet will have a 10% profit on every order.

·       Discount offer and free shipping

·       Quite a lightweight iOS application

5.    TataCliq: They have certified original products. They have an exclusive collection of mobile phones, electronics, clothing, bags, watches, d├ęcor, and much more. TataCliq provides you with the best deals and offers for your favorite brands. The perks of using TataCliq is:

·       Free shipping on all orders

·       Customers can track orders through navigation.

·       Regular alerts on customer's number and email id

(NOTE: Don't forget to use the TataCliq discount code for shopping online)

6.    Nykaa: It is mainly known for skin and make- up products. It has a vast customer base, especially women. It also has the right quality products for mother and baby. It's prevalent in India, as they have products that are made with a lot of in-depth research. Perks of ordering Nykaa products are:

·       High- grade quality products

·       Area/ region-specific products of skin

·       Wonder UI/UX IN iOS app

7.    Flipkart: Flipkart is one of the cheapest shopping sites in our country. They have a massive collection of products from the highest range to the lowest range. They have wide varieties of clothing, gadgets, electronics, and kitchen appliances, and so on. The plus points of using Flipkart:

·       Free delivery charges

·       Timely big sales

·       Offers, discounts, and Flipkart plus for offers

8.    eBay: It is one of those shopping applications having a broad array of products like apparel, furniture, home appliances, outdoor camping tools, and many more. This application is not just for buying; customers can sell products too. The pros of using eBay in your everyday life are:

·       Products from trusted sellers

·       Option to auction- sell

·        Wonderful savings on shipping

9.    Lime Road: It is a prominent store, famous for its personalized fashion and lifestyle. They have a large assortment of clothes which might intrigue you to buy. They make your shopping simpler, and better. They have numerable number of products available in this application. The give real- time delivery updates and secure payments. Your experience will make you visit Lime Road again. Let me give you a index of advantages of Lime Road:

·       Customize wishlists

·       Availability of self- service for quick and rapid support

·       Personalized fashion styles

·       Seamless login feature

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