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5 Phone Habits That Are Ruining Your Relationship

In the modern era of digitalization, the smartphone plays a very crucial role in every aspect of life. The smartphone makes our life easy but do you know? There are also some destructive effects of smartphones. You may or may not be aware of these destructive effects of your phone habits. Smartphones impacts our lives both positively and negatively.

So, It is no wonder that the smartphone has a great impact on your relationship and that’s probably the reason that many relationships are suffering and love failure quotes are getting popular on social media.  Here are the 5 phone habits that can ruin your relationship.

Replying to work-related emails during non-working hours

It might become quite difficult to maintain a balance between your personal life and professional life. While replying to work-related Emails at home, it might be a hustle for you but it can be very irritating for your partner. It can ruin the expectations of your partner and results in dissatisfaction. Even the work is very important, you shouldn't forget that your partner wants your attention and quality time. So, leave your work at the office desk and go home with a free mind and spend some time with the people who matter the most to you.


Phubbing is a habit of continuously being distracted by your phone during the conversation. It was considered very inappropriate and rude a few years back but nowadays it has become very common. People hardly pay attention during the conversation and stay distracted in their virtual world. Listening carefully and paying attention during a conversation is extremely important for effective communication.

According to recent research, around 46.3% of people phubbed their partners and 22.6% of them admitted that it causes problems in their relationship. It might not be noticeable quickly but phubbing can kill your relationship and create a lot of problems.

The urge to check all notifications instantly

With the evolving social media platforms, we can get unlimited information on our smartphones but not all of that information is important. But the constant notifications on our phones continuously trigger our mind to check our phone again and again. We tend to check all the notifications to make sure that we don’t miss something important. But by doing so, we end up opening the unnecessary notifications and waste our time on useless things.

Instead of doing this, you can prioritize the important notifications and mute all other unimportant notifications. It will not only save your time but help you to make time for your relationship and your partner will start feeling positive about you. Make a list of things that are really important to you and then prioritize according to that list. It is really important to organize things to make the most out of your life.

Carrying your phone with you all the time

Most of us usually do this thing, we always carry our phones with us, even for no reason. Sometimes it feels like, it has become an important part of our body that we can’t survive without the phone in our pocket. Some people even carry their phones to the bathroom. You might be thinking, What’s wrong in carrying your own smartphone? Well, there might be several consequences of this habit that can create misunderstandings in your relationship.

One of the common consequences is your partner will start doubting you and he or she might think that you are trying to hide something and it can result in a lack of trust, misunderstandings, jealousy and fights for no reason.

Another disadvantage of carrying your phone is that when you carry your phone everywhere, you are most likely to get distracted and waste your time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or youtube. You will get busy in your virtual world and forget about your partner who is waiting for you in the real world. Your partner may start making wrong assumptions about you and it will create toxicity in your relationship.

Checking your phone during dinner

In the modern era dinner is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved one. It is extremely important to stay away from your smartphones when you are having your meal. A lot of important and deep conversations happen on the dinner table and it strengthens your relationship. Not having any conversation even when you are eating on the same table under same roof will make you feel like strangers, and eventually, your feeling for each other will start fading away. Make sure to keep your smartphones aside and have regular conversations about your day, work or whatever you feel thankful for. It is extremely important to keep your relationship alive.

Final Words:

The more we are understanding the technology, the less we are paying attention to the humans and their feelings. Evolution of technology is a good thing but taking human feelings for granted is not good. No machine or technology can replace a human and you should learn this fact before it’s too late. Using a smartphone is essential to make your life easy but one must create a balance between the virtual world and the real world. Start noticing your habits and try to avoid or fix these mistakes to keep your relationship healthy.

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