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Top 6 Free music download sites

Music is the most important part of life. Young people are "lucky" to live in a country where we can easily enjoy this fun for free. Every young person must have a list of popular high quality free music download sites.

1. Mp3. Zing

Regarded as the "grandfather" of high quality music download sites in Vietnam, despite the fierce competition from other websites, Mp3.zing has stood still for many years, becoming the homepage of hundreds of thousands of people. The biggest advantage of Zing is the huge database system and the app that runs smoothly on all operating systems, including the fastidious IOS. This website allows users to download songs in regular formats without an account. On Zing, you can find many original versions, covers, ringtones of your favorite songs shared by the community. With the monthly membership package, you can easily download high quality lossless music in seconds.
This is also the channel that many young people regularly update their individual covers to introduce to the community. In recent years, the tightening of copyright has also affected a little bit of the data above, but basically, the unique position of this high-quality music download site is as solid as a jelly table.


Nhaccuatui was originally just an open website with the purpose of sharing music, supporting the downloading of high quality 320kps music for free. But it is now one of the three largest high quality music download sites in Vietnam. Compared with MP3.Zing, the songs posted here seem to "bypass the law" more easily. Many songs entangled with copyright that Zing could not upload are still found on Nhaccuatui. On this website, you do not need an account that you can download as usual, log in and pay only applies to a few high-quality songs.
Currently, in addition to community development, talented CEO of is also investing in other online segments such as electronic markets and even dating websites. Perhaps soon we will be welcomed to a powerful upgraded version of this website.


Launched under VeGa Corp, is also a free website to download high quality music. With a domain name so simple that it cannot be simpler, it is the last name in the top 3 high quality music download pages in Vietnam. Developed on the basis of a social network specializing in music products built on the internet platform that allows users to listen to music, watch videos combined with entertainment news. It seems is really serious with the orientation to create an art playing field, young and healthy.


Despite the active cooperation with other online music download sites, Viettel Telecom still has its own music channel to develop Keeng, vn becoming an extremely impressive name.
Because it is the "baby" of Military Telecom Corporation, of course the copyright and data quality of this website are always guaranteed on top. Maybe not as many and diverse as Zing or Nhaccuatui but Keeng still has its own place, thanks in part to a youthful interface, eye-catching and a standard server.


Although not developed by any big man in the country, the coverage of social network Youtube is not controversial. While the social network discourages users from downloading high-quality mp4 music and videos, there are still development tools to help save data from YouTube. Some typical names are YTBdownloader and Saveyoutube. So each use, the tool will display options that allow downloading from audio files to videoHD which can help you easily download high quality music to your computer. Although not really a downloadable support site, anyone has access to YouTube on the "crisis" of resources.

6. iZMusic

This is also a name from Viettel, but unlike other websites. In addition to providing songs, Imuzik focuses on exploiting ringback and ringtone services for phone subscribers, with the main target being young customers.
The interface is relatively simple and easy to use with blue color "eye-catching" Imuzik clearly shows the message towards young people and entertainment services. As an Imuzik member, you will have the opportunity to hunt tickets for many music programs that Viettel sponsors, meet the stars, this is a special offer not always found elsewhere.
Hope that after the post, you will find the best free music download sites for your own.

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