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How to write a cover letter for a job

Have you ever wondered why you have applied so many times but have not responded, or received very few interview invitations from employers? There are many reasons why you may not receive unprofessional appointments and cover letters. So the question is how to write a cover letter that is "standard" and attractive? The post will provide you with 5 impressive application writing skills to "conquer" all employers below.

Learn job and hiring company carefully

In order for the application to be processed quickly and effectively, you should actively "research" about the company and the job role that you intend to apply for. You can learn about the business from various sources such as website, articles or through the employees working at that company. Refer to the information to know the exact performance of the company as well as the "expectations" of the employer for the position you are applying for. Learning about the job and the company that will apply will help you get more creative when writing your application as well as using the right technical terms, which will increase your chances of being offered an interview.

The content is concise and engaging

 A cover letter is a "product" that demonstrates each applicant's language skills so there is no common format. Therefore, depending on the nature and position of the job, you should be flexible in writing applications to create appeal as well as persuasion. Although there is no one general form, you still need to follow certain standards in the content when writing to ensure professionalism.
You should start the application directly by stating why you know the job information, which will help employers know that you have a good understanding of the company. Next, you need to mention your strengths in terms of education, experience, skills suitable for the position that employers are looking for. Besides, should prove their worth as well as long-term benefits will bring to the business, so that among thousands of resumes the employer decides to choose you. After you've used every argument to convince you to be the best candidate, the next thing you need to do is boldly mention your desire to attend the interview. This will help employers identify your enthusiasm and enthusiasm for the job, increasing your chances of being selected.
In addition, you should provide the correct email address and phone number for employers to easily contact and schedule appointments. A brief, formal thanks is also what you need to add to your application, in order to make a good impression as well as assert a confident and professional manner.

Clear layout and beautifully presented

Whether it's written or typed, you need to make the presentation clear, clean and beautiful. The content of the application should be presented in a coherent 3-part layout, in the content you can also divide it into small sections so that employers can easily follow and capture the information.
The font you should choose is common, easy to read and easy to use such as Times New Roman, VnTime, Calibri, Arial. If writing by hand you should use 1 ink and 1 pen, the writing needs to be sharpened, carefully and written on a clean A4 page. Absolutely do not abbreviate to avoid employers who consider you to be sloppy and not serious.
In addition to writing in the traditional text format, you can also create and design your cover letter in the form of infographic, video, images (applied with email) ... depending on the nature of the job to impress. After writing, you should read it again and again, to correct grammar and spelling errors to create the best sympathy.

Formal and professional style

The written language needs to be scientific, easy to understand and universal, expressing dignity and nature. Absolutely do not use local words or slang. You should use positive and positive phrases such as "With experience ... years of working at ..., I believe I will be suitable for this position" to show trust and energy. You should know that most employers have very good sympathy and appreciate the confidence and positive attitude of the candidates.

Information guaranteed honesty and accuracy

The information presented in the application should also ensure accuracy. You should not want to impress and write false statements, because employers always have ways to validate candidates' information.
Writing a simple letter may take some time, but in return will create good sympathy, increase your chances of being invited for an interview and a higher success rate. Hopefully with the above share will help you quickly leave a first impression and easily "conquer" employers.

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